Charlotte Crosby BLASTS Gaz Beadle and says he’s doing Ex On The Beach! Again!

What does this mean for Chaz?

Charlotte Crosby Gary Beadle

by Heat |

Uh-oh. Things aren’t going well in reality TV romance land.

Charlotte Crosby seems to have obliterated all traces of Gaz Beadle from her Instagram account.


It seems to be down to one Instagram pic (which was posted by neither of the *Geordie Shore *stars) that caused a hella lot of trouble.

Over the bank holiday weekend, Gaz did an appearance at a club in Nottingham. The picture, posted by the woman in it, is your standard club photo. HOWEVER, Gaz's hand does appear to be on the woman's bum - not the best move when he and Charlotte are meant to back on.

Since the incriminating image appeared, Charlotte has posted a collection of tweets explaining the situation and how she feels about it - which includes, what we assume to be a slip of the tongue, mentioning that GAZ IS GOING BACK ON EX ON THE BEACH. AHHH!

Char also got in contact with the woman from Nottingham, who Gaz appears to be fondling on the bottom, via Instagram asking if it was true that Gaz had asked her to go back to his for a party.

But Gaz, of course, says that everything has been "blown out of proportion".

And, via Snapchat, says that at least 10 people went to the party back at his, NOT including the girl in question.

Gary Beadle

Gaz also uses the apps filter feature to mimick the woman the furore surrounds, and told her to "spend the £50 for selling the story wisely," plus "mess with me bitch and this is what happens,” which is not very pleasant.

However, according to Charlotte's tweets, Gaz's reaction would be news to her as Gaz hasn't tried to contact her for THREE DAYS and has BLOCKED her on Twitter. What is that all about?

Is this the end of Chaz for good? :(

Unlikely. The love affair between Charlotte and Gary will survive longer than cockroaches and the Rolling Stones.

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