Did Gary Beadle just call Charlotte Crosby his ‘worst sexual experience’?

Guess that's why he kept going back for five years

Gaz Beadle

by Georgina Terry |
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Gary Beadle is not best known for his subtlety. And call us Ms Marple but we think his rude remark about his worst sexual encounter may just be about Charlotte Crosby.

In his column for the *Daily Star *that has been resurrected today, Gaz answers a series of reader-posed questions, and the following exchange takes place.

"What's the worst sexual experience you've had? What happened? (gshore opinions @advice4chaz1)."

Gaz replies: "There was one time when the girl pissed the bed…"

Our Char is well known for her bed-wetting antics, so chances are he's talking about her.

Gaz Beadle

Which is pretty hypocritical, as elsewhere he says: "A lot of you were expecting me to retaliate to Charlotte Crosby's piece, [in which she says he's worse than a murderer] but it's time for us to all move on and I won't rise to it."

Sweet job of moving on there, Gaz.

Charlotte and Gary have been at media war since Char revealed to heat that she'd suffered an ectopic pregnancy with his child, and that he'd stayed filming Ex On The Beach rather than fly home to support her.

Char even quit Geordie Shore in a bid to steer away from him. Gutted.

Charlotte Crosby Gary Beadle

And Char's not the only one in Gaz's firing line today. He's also taken great umbrage at CBB saying: "Next week, I'll be dissecting the Celeb Big Brother line-up, or at least the ones I recognise."

Which would be pretty insulting, however we remember that when the line-up was announced for January's show, Gaz didn't seem to know who David Bowie was.

Gaz's cast mate Marnie Simpson is said to be part of this year'sCBB, following in the footsteps of winners Scotty T and Charlotte.

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