Gary Beadle angers Geordie Shore cast mates as he ‘fails to turn up for filming’


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Geordie Shore OG Gaz Beadle has reportedly left his fellow cast mates fuming as he's alledgedly failed to show up to filming for a week – choosing to play golf and spend time with his girlfriend Emma McVey instead.

Gary will apparently be entering the house on Thursday, a full week after his fellow radgies descended on the toon, and his co-stars are apparently nahhhhht happy about his 'special treatment'.

A source told The Sun: "Some of the cast are angry that Gaz is allowed to waltz in whenever it suits him.

"Everyone else has to play by the rules so why make exceptions for him? Everyone has a busy schedule outside of the show but they have to make it work.

"Gaz is well liked among the cast but some people feel he’s getting special treatment from bosses."

Despite declaring that he should have 'a degree in pulling birds' in Geordie Shore's opening credits, shacking up with Charlotte Crosby on and off for five years and earning the title of Geordie Shore's ultimate f*ckboy - Gaz is now officially loved-up with Emma and insists that he will 'never cheat on her'.

He told The Sun: "I was with the right girls at the wrong time. I’ve made mistakes, like cheating, but I’m trying not to do that again. My current girlfriend Emma is great.

"Our relationship is different to ones I’ve had before, because they were all in the public eye. This relationship feels more normal."


Gaz and Emma have spent the past few weeks in Australia, where he's been filming the for the Aussie version of Hell’s Kitchen.

This news also comes after Gaz's ex-housemate Holly Hagan claimed that she feels like Geordie Shore just instead what it used to be, revealing that filming is more 'like a chore' than 'having fun'.

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She told Daily Star: "I’d still love Geordie Shore if it was like it used to be when everyone actually liked each other. But the way it is now isn’t for me."

She then added that she feels like filming the show just isn't what it used to be: "I had to leave because to me it didn’t feel like Geordie Shore anymore. I want it to be like a family but it wasn’t like that. Some people are a little bit bored now too. I think they just don’t want to be there."


Holly Hagan opens up about battling anxiety during her time on Geordie Shore

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