Could this be Gary Beadle’s NEW GIRLFRIEND?

It may just be.

Emma McVey

by Polly Foreman |
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Earlier today, we were SHOCKED AND APPALLED to see that Gary Beadle had made some ridiculous slut shamey comments about girls he'd slept with.

He essentially said he doesn't respect them enough to marry them if they sleep with him straight away, while presumably making the assumption that every girl who shags him wants to marry him.

Gary Beadle

Lol, OK.

He wrote in his Daily Star Online column: "I have met some unreal birds in clubs and think, ‘F*ck me, I would marry you and have five kids and and buy a house with a fireplace and double cooker for you.’

"Have a few drinks, get to hotel, bang them and I’m like f*ck sake, at least make it a bit of a challenge, at least make me wait until the third or fourth date."

He also came out with the following sentence, which is so vile it literally made our skin crawl reading it.

"You could have been Mrs Gary Beadle but you just let me bang you after meeting you four hours ago."

IT’S 2016, GARY!

But it appears one girl did manage the apparently IMPOSSIBLE task of holding his long-term attention – as he reportedly may have a girlfriend.

The lucky lady is apparently Emma McVey, a model who also dated Mario Falcone. In pictures obtained by The Sun, he is seen holding hands with her outside TGI Friday in Manchester.

They were also spotted outside TGI Friday in Leeds back in January (they must bloody love those racks of ribs…), but she at the time claimed it wasn't a date, tweeting: "I forgot I'm not allowed to have male friends. I definitely wouldn't be going on a date to TGIs, as much as I love the mozzarella dippers."


Maybe she's changed her mind? We think TGI Friday is a FANTASTIC date, personally.

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