Gary Beadle is QUITTING Geordie Shore to move to Australia

Woah woah WOAH now. We were NOT consulted about this, Gaz

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Gary Beadle, parsnip penchant-haver extraordinaire, has dropped a bit of a bombshell.

Because the 28-year-old reality star has just announced that he will be quitting Geordie Shore and heading Down Under to start a new life in Australia.

After his on/off kind-of-soulmate Charlotte Crosby revealed she wants nothing more to do with Gaz since losing his baby to an ectopic pregnancy earlier this year, Gary has now claimed he won't be on our screens much longer.

Speaking to The Sun, Gaz said: "I mentioned it in one interview when [I was] asked what I'd do when I finish Geordie Shore and yeah, I will move to Australia."

But, he reassured us: "It won't be for a year or year and a half".

Gary Beadle topless

Potentially that would mean Gaz staying in the Geordie Shore house until the end of 2017, which means another three series of the hit MTV show. THANK THE TELLY GODS.

But with Gaz gone, Charlotte out and even Holly Hagan wavering over her commitment to the show, will Geordie Shore even exist by the end of next year?

Or will it just be a weekly hour of following Chloe Ferry round Newcastle with a camera while she tries to track down the perfect chicken nugget?

Like… we'd still watch that. We'd watch the hell out of it. But it wouldn't be the same.

The Sun also spoke to a source close to Gary who told them that Oz has "always been his dream".

gary beadle young
Bet he wishes this hair had been a dream

"The show is huge over there and everyone knows him. His plan has always been to make as much money as he can over here and then move," they claimed.

"He has lots of things on the go right now and has previously mentioned even opening up his own blocks of student accommodation in Liverpool that offer a Geordie Shore party experience. He’s really savvy and never stops working."

Actual LOL at the idea of Gaz as a middle-aged halls custodian, yelling at freshers to quit painting the walls with WKD Blue and having a go at students for attempting to cook their Pot Noodle on the hob.

Anyway, even if Gaz does end up quitting GS, we'll always have him porking Jemma Lucy on Ex On The Beach 5. heatworld is very much looking forward to having that episode on demand.

Ex On The Beach kicks off on Tuesday 16 August at 10pm on MTV.

  • PS - [remember when Gaz slammed Vicky Pattison for quitting GS](Gaz Beadle SLAMS former Geordie Shore co-star Vicky Pattison for quitting: "No one is bigger than the show"), saying "no one is bigger than the show"? We do.

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