Gary Beadle unveils his new tattoo and it looks a hella lot like Charlotte Crosby’s

Oh, Gaz mate.

gaz beadle

by Georgina Terry |
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Gary Beadle lost his virginity yesterday. His tattoo virginity that is.

The Geordie Shore lothario went for his very first inking and promised his followers it was a huge one.

We were all in a tizz about what it could be but, sadly, Gaz didn't go with our suggestion of having the name of every woman he's every had sex with tattoed on his body like Frankie Cocozza did (would he even have enough skin for that?).

Nor did he take on our helpful hint that he might have Charlotte Crosby's face inked on his right pec. Although he did go for something that could be seen as a tribute to Char.

Gaz's had a massive rose on his wrist, like a sweet corsage.

And while ol' parsnip peen claims it's a tribute to his ma, saying: "Ok so today this happened...Thank you @Mattwebbtattoo mams favourite flower, some amazing colour, hand piece!!" we couldn't help but notice a striking similarity to the tatt of one of his Geordie Shore castmates, namely Charlotte's rose.

We know the racy underwear is a distraction, but do you see?

Could Gaz be reaching out to Charlotte via a massive rose on his wrist? It's tenuous but when have celebs been sensible with their ink devotions?

Aaron Chalmers had Chantelle Connelly's name tattooed on his wrist on their first date, and Chantelle had her subsequent boyfriend's name inked on her neck.

And Chloe Khan went out in public with 'Bear' written on her face, although that wasn't permanent TBF.

In related news: Gaz recently shared a picture of his MASSIVE PENIS to Instagram. Why? Let's not focus on reasons, let's just enjoy the show.

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