Gaz Beadle just called Chloe Sims a golddigger on Twitter

Oh, sheeeeet

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by Polly Foreman |
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Gary Beadle's week has been so bloody controversial we honestly think he could give Stephen Bear a run for his money.

First, he posted his parsnip on Instagram for us all to see and marvel at. AND THEN he slut-shamed quite literally THOUSANDS of women) (everyone he's slept with, which is apaz in the triple-000s).

He basically said he didn't want to make any of them his wife because they had sex with him on the first meeting.

Cos everyone who shags ya is just DYING to be your wife, eh Gaz?

And now he's called Chloe Sims a golddigger, presumably because has hasn't yet tired of dolling out derogatory comments to women.

Chloe Sims

It all started when he posted a screenshot of an article in which Chloe said she "can't stand" Gaz. He captioned it: "F*cks sake another crying my self to sleep tonight… This just hurts me so much…"

All well and good to respond to a public slamming with a sarky comment, we reckon, but then he carried on.

He posted a picture likely found from a quick Google image search that read: "Gold Digger. Like a hooker, only smarter!"

Nawty Gazza captioned it: "@Chloe_Sims let's not argue… I want to take this opportunity to wish you all the best with your new documentary."

If there's one thing we at heat love more than a cross-reality show romance (we're looking at you Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor), it's a cross-reality show FEUD.

So we can't wait to see how this pans out.

Gary, meanwhile, is looking all loved up with his new girlfriend Emma McVey.

The two first sparked rumours of a romance earlier this year when they were spotted outside a TGI Fridays. She tweeted at the time: "I forgot I'm not allowed to have male friends. I definitely wouldn't be going on a date to TGIs, as much as I love the mozzarella dippers."

But it appears she CHANGED HER MIND, as the two were spotted outside TGI Fridays again last week, this time holding hands.

We're of the belief dates don't get much better than TGIs, and we're glad she's come to her senses.

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