Gaz Beadle and Chloe Sims are AT WAR on Twitter


Gary Beadle and Chloe Sims collage

by Hannah Mellin |
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Things are turning real naaaaasty.

So it turns out Geordie Shore's Gary Beadle is LIVID at TOWIE's Chloe Sims for voicing her opinions on the Gary-shagging-not-one-but-three-other-women-during-Ex-On-The-Beachwhilst still being involved with Charlotte Crosby thing.

Ya know, freedom of speech and all that.

Speaking about the matter in her monthly column, where she's regularly asked to comment on showbiz stories in the press, Chloe made it resolutely clear that she's Team Charlotte and she'd be devvo if Char left Geordie Shore over the dramz.

We think 88% of the population would probably think exactly the same thing.

However, despite keeping shtum on the whole debacle ever since he landed in England, Gaz took to Twitter to SLAM Chloe for her opinions.


Never one to take an insult lying down, Chloe hit him right back – but refrained from attacking his personal appearance, keeping it way more classy:

We don't think this feud will end anytime soon.

We've been rooting for Charlotte and Gary to try and work through this scandal - but it seems like Gaz still thinks he's done nothing wrong.

And Charlotte is beyond disappointed, with an insider close to her telling heat:

"Everyone hoped he would come back having behaved himself, as a way of proving he was serious about finally committing to Charlotte.

"Flirting for the cameras might've been one thing, but to sleep with her worst enemy and have a threesome, it's just so disrespectful. She's heartbroken."



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