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by Polly Foreman |
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Gary Beadle had a bit of a weird one last week. First, he showed off his parsnip on Instagram. AND THEN, he slut shamed quite literally THOUSANDS of women.

He basically said he didn't want to make any of them his wife because they had sex with him on the first meeting.

Cos everyone who shags ya is absolutely dying to to be your wife, eh Gaz?

But then it transpired one lucky lady had managed the impossible task of keeping his attention, as he was spotted looking all loved up with Emma McVey (Mario Falcone's ex, BTW).

The two were spotted outside TGI Fridays earlier this year, sparking rumours of a romance. But she shut this down in a tweet saying: "I forgot I'm not allowed to have male friends. I definitely wouldn't be going on a date to TGIs, as much as I love the mozzarella dippers."

But it seemed she'd CHANGED HER MIND, as the two were spotted outside TGI Fridays AGAIN, this time holding hands.

It's an absolutely fantastic date venue, let's be real.

And now the romance has been pretty much confirmed, as Emma posted a piccy of the two looking all lovely and happy on a sofa.

She captioned it: "Lazy Monday."

We spent our bank holiday Monday looking an absolute mess watching Harry Potter and eating Doritos alone, but kl.

Predictably, Charlotte Crosby was a presiding theme on the comments. One user wrote: "I know it's always been Charlotte and Garry," and another, rather melodramatically: "No one will ever replace char and Gary knows that himself their (sic) will always be a what if in his head."

We're a bit sceptical about a reunion between the two any time soon, but Gazza did unveil a new very Char-esque tattoo last week.

He shared a pic of the rose on his wrist that he claimed was a tribute to his ma, saying: "Ok so today this happened...Thank you @Mattwebbtattoo mams favourite flower, some amazing colour, hand piece!!"

But our beady eyes notice it has a striking similarity to her thigh tat…

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