Gaz Beadle has smashed his Bentley. WHY IS LIFE SO UNFAIR?


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by Polly Foreman |
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In the saddest news since Kris Jenner crashed her one-week-old £250,000 Rolls Royce, Gary Beadle has smashed up his Bentley.

Gary Beadle EOTB LS

He took to Twitter to share the news, posting: "Awww for f*ck sake change of plan. 3 cars go into each other and who's the idiot at the back… Tried to swerve didn't happen."

Don't fret – Gaz and everyone else involved are totally fine. Unless you count the fact that he now has to drive A VOLVO :(.

Let's hope he manages to replace it almost instantly like Kris Jenner did.

It's safe to say Gaz is having a bit of a mare of late – he was just the other day held in an Australian DEPORTATION CENTRE overnight.

Like, literally.

After being refused access to New Zealand, he was flown back to Australia where he was taken to: "A f*cking deportation centre. Not a jail cell, not a holding cell, a deportation centre."

His words, not ours.

He THEN SPENT THE NIGHT THERE after being given a bin bag full of bedding to sleep in.

He wrote in his Daily Star column: "Mohammed, my cellmate, went on to explain that I had 25 points to spend per day, f*cking buzzing, so I went in… Snickers, tins of tuna, Powerade, Haribo, and cigarettes (for Mohammed)."

But luckily for Gaz, his time in the centre was short lived. His "team" finally managed to fly him home via Thailand. And the mare was over.

And it really was a mare.

STILL he did have a threesome with LES DAWSON'S DAUGHTER on Ex On The Beach (Wanna watch it? OF course you do. Click HERE), so EVERY CLOUD.

It was basically the most romantic thing we have seen ever in our lives.

Ex On The Beach continues next Tuesday at 10pm on MTV.

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