Gaz Beadle ACTUALLY STRIPS in his Snapchat story


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by Polly Foreman |
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Gary Beadle may have had a pretty controversial time of it these past few days, but that hasn't stopped him oiling up and getting NAKED (topless) for us all to see on Snapchat.

He was heading out on tour with strip group The Dreamboys (he wasn't just doing it for fun – though he did strip for the hell of it a few weeks ago showing us his MASSIVE PEEN).

In the vids, he basically dances in front of a mirror feeling himself up (and looks weirdly turned on by what he's seeing, can we just say). He also wears an assortment of headwear, including a balaclava. Which was a bit scary.

Gary Beadle
Gary Beadle

He also says: "Two lucky ladies are going to be there tonight", referencing some chairs we're guessing are for some sort of weird Gaz lap dance.

Gary Beadle

But we're not entirely sure they'd be lucky, particularly as he made some pretty shocking slut shamey comments this week about girls he's slept with.

"I have met some unreal birds in clubs and think, ‘F*ck me, I would marry you and have five kids and and buy a house with a fireplace and double cooker for you.’

"Have a few drinks, get to hotel, bang them and I’m like f*ck sake, at least make it a bit of a challenge, at least make me wait until the third or fourth date," Gaz wrote in his column for Daily Star Online.

We literally just can't.

It's 2016 and some men STILL have this attitude.

He also came out with the following sentence, which is so vile it literally made our skin crawl reading it.

"You could have been Mrs Gary Beadle but you just let me bang you after meeting you four hours ago."

Is he literally under the impression all women want to marry him? Some of us are partial to a one night stand too, hun.

So we're not sure we'll be booking The Dreamboys any time soon.

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