Gemma Atkinson tells all about “romantic” first date with Cristiano Ronaldo

Who knew the footballer was such a big Del Boy fan?


by Laura Donaldson |

Gemma Atkinson has opened up about her first date with ex-boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo.

The actress and the football star opted for a very swish night in with cups of tea and Only Fools and Horses on the TV.

“It was really, really glamorous,” the actress quipped sarcastically to Manchester radio station Key 103.

“We just went to my house and drank cups of tea and watched Only Fools and Horses. Genuinely.”

Who knew Cristiano would be such a Del Boy fan?!

Del Boy Trotter
Del Boy Trotter

“I don’t know if he’s into it now, but it was on the telly,” Gemma added.

“He seemed to enjoy it then but I’m going back about 6-7 years.”

Gemma has previously revealed that she refused big money deals to tell all about her and Cristiano’s fling, saying in 2010: “With Cristiano it was mad, because everywhere he went he was followed by photographers.

“When we did split up I got offered so much money to speak about him and I didn’t want that.”

Since splitting with Cristiano, Gemma became engaged to footballer Marcus Bent but is currently dating personal trainer Olly Foster.

She’s said of her current love: “It sounds cheesy but I’ve been in love and in fantastic relationships before yet I’ve never had this. We were emailing and speaking on the phone three or four months before we met. We’re like best mates. He’s funny and caring. I’m so happy. My life is so different now.”

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