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In last night’s episode of TOWIE, (probably) the most iconic love story of our time came to a wonderful (maybe) conclusion – as Gemma Collins and James 'Arg' Argent announced they’re moving to Spain to have a baby.

(Sort of)

In the premiere of series 22 yesterday, Gemma and Arg kissed, said ‘I love you’, and set up a joint bank account. Which is the big three of dating.

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Speaking to their financial adviser, Gemma said: "We got matching watches and we've bought a holiday home in Spain and now we're setting up a joint bank account.

"We've known each other for so long, we know other so well...I love you so much, I'll give you anything I've got.

"Every week we want to put a thousand into the account...

"What it is, I'm a big roller, I earn well, I spend well.

"If Arg is watching the football, I'll have a massage girl come round."

Arg then joked: "She has more staff than Mariah Carey.

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"She has a cleaner come round five times a week to clean her two bedroom apartment."

Gemma then said: "I need a Range Rover" but as Arg objected she said: "It doesn't matter what car I drive as long as I've got James by my side".

When she was asked if she planned on having children, she said:  "Part of going to Spain is to relax my body to prepare for a baby."

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Gemma later opened up to Chloe Sims about Arg, saying: "I can't think about nothing but James morning, noon and night.

"Thank you the big man up there for finally giving me James.

"It's not about the candy any more; when he wakes up he holds me and embraces me and says 'I'm just so in love with you'.

"I don't even call him Arg any more, I call him James.

"He's finally the man I always want him to be.

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"We've bought a place in Spain, we're going to get a joint bank account, like husband and wife would do.

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