Gemma Collins is doing a FITNESS DVD – and pledges to lose 4 STONE for it

The TOWIE babe is determined to work on her expanding business empire by going down the health route

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Gemma Collins' fitness DVD. You can imagine it right now, can't you? TOWIE's Gemma, all clad in Lauren Goodger-style gold lame workout gear, telling you, the viewer, to "really feel that burn" and showing exactly what the difference is between your glutes and your quads.

Well guess what? You won't need to imagine it for much longer – because Gemma, 35, really IS poised to film a workout DVD.


Gemma Collins

According to the Mirror, Gem's been offered a deal worth £500,000 to become the face of a new range of nutritional supplements and protein shakes – plus a fitness regime put to the cold shininess of a playable CD.

"The fitness market is lucrative, and Gemma is relatable to many people because she has been so honest about her fluctuating weight," an insider told the newspaper.

"Any range she puts her name to will be easily marketable – as long as she can show first hand that her methods really work. So she’ll have to take six months off her other engagements to work on her fitness and producing the DVD so it’s ready for the post-Christmas market."

gemma collins weight loss may 2016 before after swimsuit portrait

That could mean her dropping a further FOUR STONE between now and December, on top of the weight she's already lost since Celebrity Big Brother in January 2016.

The mole went on to say Gemma has been inspired by Lauren Goodger's body transformation and wants some of that candy for herself.

"Reality stars are making huge amounts of cash from these products, yet Gemma is the most famous for her weight.

"As long as she sticks to the diet plan, she’ll have a sure-fire top seller on her hands."

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It comes almost a year after Gemma lost three stone in a single month by following a strict juice diet and swearing off crisps (for real).

There are rumours she'll be heading to a bootcamp in June 2016 to kick-start her weight loss, too.

Though dare we remind you we've had this exact same situation before? Remember back in June 2015 she was offered £100,000 to lose five stone and film a workout DVD? Yeah. heatworld remembers. Heatworld ALWAYS remembers.

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