Gemma Collins SLAMMED for this body-shaming post

Oh Love.

Gemma Collins

by Aimee Jakes |
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TOWIE star and pro-Twitter plugger Gemma Collins has been slated by fans on Instagram after uploading a very controversial meme. Oh dear.

Gemma Collins meme

The meme was essentially picture of a flamingo with the brazen message 'Thigh gaps are for flamingos'. Understandably, people got really mad with the sentiment and called it 'body-shaming'.

Real-life humans with legs, arms and a existential crisis every Sunday CAN have a thigh gap, it turns out. Who knew. We are baffled too. Someone stop the press and demand a four page apology in all Science Biology text books, please.

(We are being very sarcastic, ignore us. We are hungry.)

One Instagram users commented, 'I think you need to think before writing hurtful comments Gemma! I personally don't have a gap between my legs but know a lot of people that do and by no choice of there own!! Because they were born that way and are naturally slim!'

Another wrote, 'You should not put people down to bring yourself up! Thigh gap or no thigh gap we are all beautiful, and everybody should feel beautiful in the bodies they own.'

Some people have a thigh gap, some people don't. Some people reckon Harry Styles' album is the best thing since Nutella sandwiches and others not so much. We are all different and brilliant and babein'.

Someone let Gemma Collins know, pronto plz.

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