Gemma Collins is rumoured for Celebrity Big Brother – but ‘wants 6-figure deal’!

Remember when she said she was quitting TV? Yeah, us too


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TOWIE star Gemma Collins may be out of the limelight ever since that bust-up with blogger Vas J Morgan got her suspended from the show, but she’s planning an even bigger appearance – Celebrity Big Brother.

According to the Sun, Gem is looking to wrangle a six-figure deal from the makers of the reality show – though they’re only prepared to offer her one if they knock a zero off the end.

“Gemma has previously been quite vocal about how she turned down CBB to stay on TOWIE,” a source told the newspaper.

“But that was before she was suspended from the show and now everything has changed. She is looking at CBB as a way back to telly as well as showing TOWIE bosses just what they are missing.”

However, the insider added, it all comes down to cold, hard cash.

Gem got suspended after a series of fights in Marbs

The new series of CBB kicks off in August, and already there’s buzz around who the new housemates could be.

X Factor’s Stevi Ritchie is one whose name has been bandied around, while US supermodel Janice Dickenson could also be going in.

James Hill off The Apprentice and Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom are also speculated to be joining, along with – and this is INSANE – Lindsay Lohan’s mum Dina Lohan.

Let's face it, we'd all watch CBB for more of this

Glamour model Keeley Hazell, Dapper Laughs (shoot us now) and, er, Tulisa could also be rubbing along with Gemma in the CBB house.

So if Gemma does go in, she’ll even be able to win it AND be out in time to film the new series of TOWIE starting in October.

That’s if she doesn’t quit three days in, a la her I’m A Celebrity performance.

Gemma Collins' most iconic statements


I'm A Celebrity 2014: Gemma Collins most iconic statements

gemma-collins-towie-sad-crying1 of 8


"People are going to see the real bare, stripped-back me. I might just become Bear Grylls, you never know."We never did get to see Gemma chowing down on a raw snake, drinking her own urine or sleeping inside a rancid camel (yep, Bear Grylls has seriously done all of those things).

gemma-collins-towie-crying-im-a-celebrity2 of 8


"Yeah alright, I've cracked at the first hurdle. It's like the turtle and the slug or the horse and the rabbit or something, I can't remember what it is."Who could forget the age-old story of the turtle and the slug?

gemma-collins3 of 8


"If they don’t give us a treat I’m going to kill myself.”Well, the suicide threats didn’t work, but outside of the jungle is a plentiful world of treats just waiting for Gem.

celeb-gemma-4 of 8


"I've never been in a shower which takes so much hard work but you've just got to roll with it, like Oasis said."

Goff_G_Collins_240214_65 of 8


"I feel like I’ve got malaria. My poo is bright fluorescent yellow, we’ve got to get out of here today.”Symptoms of malaria do not include yellow poo, constant whinging or an Essex accent, sorry Gem.

gemma-collins-im-a-celebrity26 of 8


"Seriously, I'd give anything for a bit of dried fruit. Dried fruit! I'm not even asking for a ham sandwich. You know what I mean? With a packet of Quavers on the side."We’re not sure dried fruit is the best remedy for fluorescent yellow diarrhea Gem, maybe just stick to dry bread and water until the ‘malaria’ clears up.

gemma-collins-im-a-celebrity17 of 8


"People that murder get treated better than this, and that's the truth. Even a murderer gets fed three times a day."Murderers also don’t get paid at least £25,000 to go on a jolly holiday to Australia either. They also tend not to have strops and quit their sentences, but who cares about the details….

gemma-collins-helicopter8 of 8


"If I'm not in that camp in three minutes, I'm quitting."That’s what the helicopter was for, Gem.

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