OHEMGEE. Gemma Collins and Sam Thompson KISSED

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Gemma Collins and Sam Thompson

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If we had to arrange a dinner party with a select few of our favourite celebs, Gemma Collins would be the guest of honour. Closely followed by Celebrity Big Brother winner and Made in Chelsea star Sam Thomspon, ‘cause he’s adorbz and we need a bit of eye candy.

So, imagine our delight when we noticed Gemma and Sam hanging out together as we scrolled through Instagram (for work purposes, obvs) this afternoon.

AND imagine our complete and utter shock when Gemma shared a video of the two of them kissing. THEY ACTUALLY KISSED.

Gemma Collins and Sam Thompson

Gemma posted a video of her and Sam mucking about, doing that fun aeroplane thing and just being all-round legends.

In the video, Gemma is laying on her back on the sofa and says to the camera, “I’m having so much fun with Sam today,” then on climbs Sam, who positions himself on Gemma’s legs ready to be thrust into the air.

Once Sam is in prime plane position, Gemma says (as we all probably would in this situation), “Now, kiss me.”


Watch it for yourself here:

In another video of the pair, Gemma is bouncing Sam on her knee and practically forcing him to tell her she’s amazing and that he’s had a really lovely time with her.

Which sounds eerily similar to how our first dates usually end…

Anyway, what’s brought this unlikely-but-at-the-same-time-bloody-great couple together, we hear you ask?

Well, Gemma and Sam must be looking for lurrrve as they’ve teamed with the Badoo dating app to film something mysterious.

We’re definitely keeping our eyes peeled to find out what’s in store.


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