Gemma Collins used to sink HOW MANY drinks on a night out?

The party is where Gemma's at

Gemma Collins

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She's the TOWIE diva who has given us so many LOLs since strutting onto our screens. She famously told James Argent he "ain't ever going to get this candy," (which then prompted him to realise that he did in fact want that candy), she had her own Titanic moment and did a Kate Winslet by getting Charlie King to paint her, and that moment when Mick Norcross walked past her with the champers at the pool party will remain in our minds as one of the most HEARTBREAKING TOWIE moments ever.

Gemma Collins candy

And who could forget her beef with Tiffany Pollard on Celebrity Big Brother?

But now proud Essex lass Gemma Collins has revealed that she used to think nothing of sinking a whopping fifteen brandies on a night out.

Blimey. We're in the corner crying after three.

Gemma, who has recently returned to the Brentwood beat that made her famous, was talking to new! magazine about how she managed to drop 11lbs in a month from switching up her boozy beverage while throwing mad shapes at the Sugar Hut (we assume).

"Where I used to think nothing of polishing off 15 brandies, nowadays I drink vodka and soda with fresh lime," she told the mag.

Gem has openly spoken about her weight struggles in the past but is now determined to slim down healthily.


"I obviously don't want to go down to a size 10 or 12, but I'm a 20 now and if I was a 14 or 16, I feel it's something I could do," she told new!.

Whatever makes you happy Gem. But just so you know, we always have and always will love your candy.

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