Geordie Shore’s Aaron Chalmers has had his PENIS area tattooed

And there are pictures

Aaron Chalmers

by Georgina Terry |
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There are two things we hold very dear to our hearts here at heat: Geordie Shore and peen.

So thank the gods of Friday that Aaron Chalmers has combined our two loves in one sweet package.

The already heavily inked one has had the area about his penis tattooed. Brave.

He tweeted: "Getting tattooed about the D*ck is a fucking awful experience!! No getting away from the pain today."

Death moth? That's a missed opportunity. Surely the only way to ink about one's groin is a big arrow captioned 'this way to heaven' or similar?

Still, his body, his choice.

Aaron also alerted his followers to the practicalities of having one's privates tattooed, telling them: "As always an uncomfortable night ahead after a day of tattooing! Cling film all around my bum and willy."

HOW DID HE GO TO THE TOILET? Our mind is boggling right now.

And that's not all, he's also now sporting an inking injury: "Nice bruise on the base of my willy this morning from the tattoo."

There's possibly a lesson for all of us here.

Speaking of penis (because when are we not?) did you see the schlong on Marnie Simpson's current squeeze, Lewis Bloor? It's enormous and hairless and quite the treat.

He could even give the purported penis of Love Island's Alex Bowen a run for it's large member money.

In other Geordie Shore news: does Gary Beadle have a new girlfriend? He's been seen on the town with Emma McVey who had a brief stint on TOWIE when she was Mario Falcone's squeeze.

Here's hoping Gaz treats het better than he apparently did Lillie Lexie Gregg. A new castmate, Christyen Zenoni, is set to walk onto Ex On The Beach and say that Gaz did the nasty with her behind Lillie's back. Ouch.

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