Geordie Shore’s Chantelle Connelly: “I was told to kill myself”

Chantelle Connelly Geordie Shore

by Lucy Vine |
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It’s been a rough introduction for Geordie Shore’s most recent – and possibly most controversial – addition.

Since Chantelle Connelly appeared on our screens for series 12, it’s been non-stop shock-factor from the 26 year old. There was the Scotty T handjob, some girl-on-girl stuff (snogging and fighting), and last week Chantelle even revealed she’s planning plastic surgery on her teeth and a breast reduction to get those natural 32EEs under control.

But while the newbie might be making the most of her time in the spotlight, she tells heat she’s not enjoyed the backlash from the viewing public.

“At first I found it really hard because I got a lot of hate,” she says.

“It's just the way you get portrayed. I'm not used to having that much hate. Literally, there were no nice comments. People forget I'm not made of stone. I had a lot of comments telling me to kill myself. I thought that was so low.”

But Chantelle says it got worse when trolls targeted her family: “I'm the type of person that if you said it to my face, I wouldn't stand for it, but trolling me, there's nothing I can do, and they'd bring my family into it. Say what you want about me – which is bad enough – but don't bring my family into it. I know they want a reaction but there's nothing I can do – I found that very hard.”

Chantelle adds that she’s now trying to ignore the comments and get on with having fun on the show, saying, “They just hate me, so the trolls are going to bother me, but I'm getting better now. I won’t let it get to me.”

If it helps, Chantelle, we’ve enjoyed your entrance to the Geordie Shore house immensely.

*Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle *kicks off on Tuesday 10 May at 10pm on MTV.

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