Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry cries as she reveals boob surgery scars

She says cyber bullies led to her having the procedure

Chloe Ferry nose job

by Georgina Terry |
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Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry has posted an emotional message to Snapchat, saying that online bullying pushed her into having breast augmentation surgery.

Chloe sobbed as she revealed the angry scar she’s been left with as a result of going under the knife.

Oh, Chloe love.

"So I'm going to tell the truth about something I've had done, but no one knows about,” she said.

Chloe Ferry boob surgery scar

"I used to think that I had the best looking boobs ever, they were so round and so perky.

"I was so confident and I thought they were so nice.

Chloe Ferry

"So, I put a photo on Instagram a while back with a low-cut top on, and everyone was commenting saying I had saggy boobs.

"From them people commenting on my photo saying that, it stuck in my head really badly and I became really insecure about it.

"So I got an uplift, and I've got awful scars on my boobs now because this person said that my boobs were saggy."

Chloe’s Geordie Shore friends were quick to offer their support to the sad star.

Her show bestie Nathan Henry said: “I love you & your perfect to me.”

Chloe Ferry

Holly Hagan commented: “You've just broke my heart we all love you xxx”

Chloe Ferry

And Zahida Allen chimed in: "Stay strong. It's easy to say "u shouldn't matter what people think" but when it's constant it sticks, hope u feel better soon.”

Chloe Ferry

It’s not often we like to quote James Blunt, but Chloe, you’re beautiful.

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