Marnie Simpson dragged Charlotte Crosby along the floor by her hair in HUGE Geordie Shore fight


by Owen Tonks |
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Security guards were called to the Geordie Shore house after a huge fight broke out between the cast members.

In what’s being touted as the show’s worst fight ever, a number of burly blokes stormed into the Newcastle residence to tear apart Marnie Simpson and Charlotte Crosby.

In scenes set to air this week the bouncers will be seen helping the male stars of the show separate Marnie and Charlotte.

Marnie told the Daily Star Sunday: “I end up having a massive fight with Charlotte that is so bad security had to get involved and separate us.

“I was trying to wind the boys up but I end up winding the girls up instead and it all kicked off.

“I had an argument with all the girls but it ends up being me and Charlotte who try to kill each other.”


Charlotte became annoyed with Marnie after she kissed new cast member Marty McKenna just hours after he snogged co-star Chloe Ferry.

Things get so heated that Marnie ends up pulling Charlotte along the floor by her hair extensions.

The pair manages to trash the house in the process but Marnie is able to laugh about the situation now.

She said: “It gets really aggressive, weaves get pulled, faces get scratched.

“When security tried to separate us I ended up booting Charlotte in the head by accident with my big trotters. I’m surprised I didn’t knock her out.

“There was only one winner and that was me. Then again, Charlotte always loses the fights. She got knocked out by Chloe last time.”

Watch the fight on Geordie Shore on MTV this Tuesday at 10pm.

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