Geordie Shore: has Gary Beadle got with ANOTHER reality TV star already?

Ooh, he's fast

gary beadle

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Gary Beadle, owner of the most sought after parsnip in Newcastle, has moved on from Emma McVey just nine days after the relationship ended, apparently.

emma mcvey gary beadle

The northern lothario has been back in his Geordie Shore spiritual home: the shag pad.

And not with just any woman, with another reality TV starlet - Bethan Kershaw from Ibiza Weekender.

You know. BETHAN:

Bethan Kershaw Ibiza Weekender

And their hook up was just as romantic as you’d imagine.

"He took her straight to the shag pad and they didn’t waste much time getting down to business," a show source told The Sun.

"There are rumours that him and Bethan were already quite well acquainted – and considering Gary’s reputation it wouldn’t be surprising if this wasn’t the first time they’d hooked up."

TBF, it’s probably easier to name the women Gary hasn’t got with at this stage.

And it’s no surprise that he’d want to put his pulling pants back on while still filming the show that made his name, Gary not pulling is a Gary cast as a weird father figure to the Geordie Shore house.

Tenner says he gets with newbie Abbie Holborn before the year out.

This isn’t the first time there’s been a Geordie Shore / Ibiza Weekender cross-show romance: Marnie Simpson and Jordan Davies were together for a short, odd, time last year.

Jordan is strongly rumoured to be part of this summer’s Celebrity Big Brother line-up.


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