Geordie Shore: Gary Beadle takes HOLLY Hagan on a date and our minds are blown

What is happening here?

Holly Hagan, Gary Beadle

by Georgina Terry |
Published on

Has anyone seen our mind?

Because it’s just been blown clean out of our head by this news.

Gary Beadle has taken Holly Hagan out on a date.

More news!

    That’s right.

    Gary and Holly.

    Holly and Gary.

    We guess Golly works. EXCEPT MORALLY.

    Gary has posted a snap to Twitter of him and Holly enjoying a Nando’s.

    There is no mention of whether the Nando’s is a cheeky one but let’s just take that as read.

    Speaking of cheeky, Gary’s aimed the snap at Charlotte Crosby telling her not to get jealous. Which will probably be quite hard as Gary and Charlotte had a coffee date just hours earlier!

    Our honed coffee skills deduce that Gary took Charlotte to McDonald’s for a coffee which is pure class (lies).

    Hang on - have Holly and Gary ever bumped rude bits in the past? We have a feeling that they might have.


    THEY DID! They got it on in episode one of Geordie Shore! We think it was only a blowie though.

    So… Gary has gone on quite the rampage since breaking up with Lillie Lexie Gregg.

    He’s been linked to an Aussie DJ, stuck his tongue in a girl’s mouth and posted a video of it, and has been frantically flirting with Charlotte on Twitter.

    Blimey. Shagger Gary is making up for lost time.

    And are Holly and Kyle Christie still broken up?

    Not really, according to Kyle.

    We’re sure Holly and Gary were just meeting up as friends though.

    Not the ‘with benefits’ kind. Honest.

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