Geordie Shore: Gary Beadle says Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie romance is “killing the house”

And Marnie Simpson calls Kyle a “massive arsehole”

Gary Beadle

by Georgina Terry |
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Well, well, well. It seems as though all is not tickety-boo in camp Geordie Shore.

Obviously we knew that already, having eyes and ears, but we didn’t realize just what the normally laid-back Gaz thinks of the major relationship beef going down in the house in this series: Holly and Kyle.

“I can’t believe what the f**k is going on between Holly and Kyle,” Gaz let rip.

“These arguments are f**king killing the whole house. It’s bringing everyone down.”

Not a healthy relationship, according to Gaz

Let’s take a moment here to remember that Gaz has had relationships with Charlotte Crosby and Marnie in the house, as well as smooching Vicky Pattison in scenes that made us want to wash our eyes out.

"I dunno what the f**k is going on, 'cos Kyle's telling me one thing - that he's getting jealous of the boys pulling - then he's running to Holly and telling her that he still loves her,” Gaz bitched to MTV’s confession cam.

“That relationship is not healthy, man… Literally, all they do is argue.”

And sometimes Holly sits on Kyle’s face, let’s not forget that, Gaz.

But what do the girls in the Geordie Shore house think of Holly and Kyle?

We already know that Charlotte hates their beautiful love, now Marnie has waded in too.

“I think Kyle is one big, massive douche-bag and I think Holly could do a lot better then him,” Marnie said, subtly.

“It annoys us, when Holly is upset he doesn’t look after her, he doesn’t make her feel better.

“He just thinks about himself. And himself is one big, massive arsehole.”

Yeah, he’s not our favourite either to be totally honest.

Not since he said the no-good, very bad thing to Holly about how he didn’t want to marry a girl who’d been with his mates last series.

We have not forgotten.

We will probably never forget. Unless Kyle leaves Geordie Shore and then we’ll be all like, ‘Kyle who?’ Oh the boring one who had no story other than being Holly’s squeeze? We think we have a vague memory of him.’

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