Geordie Shore: Holly Hagan pretty much PREDICTED Charlotte and Gary’s spilt

She had a lil look into her crystal ball

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Holly Hagan is so much more than a best pal to Charlotte Crosby, she's basically her own personal physic – predicating her future way before it's even happened.

SHE'S SO CLEVER. Or just realistic. Who knows.

OK so we all know Geordie Shore is filmed waaaaay in advance and certain circumstances regarding the cast mate's can change – but it seems Holly Hagan (who may actually be a witch you know) predicted all the Gary and Charlotte drama MONTHS before it actually happened.

Speaking about Gary and Charlotte making their relationship a bit more official in last night's episode, Holly speaks about her fears of Charlotte getting her heart broken all over again.

SOB :'(

Geordie Shore

Speaking to Geordie Shore's official confession cam, Holly said:

"I always worry when it comes to Gary and Charlotte because I have seen her go through so much s***.

"The worst thing that could happen is Charlotte potentially falling madly in love with Gary again and then Gary breaking her heart."

Charlotte even spoke about her doubts in her relationship with Gary, even though he seemed to be extremely sincere regarding his feels towards her.

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Away from Gary, Charlotte candidly voiced her worries:

"Obviously he's hurt us a lot in the past, I am wary, I've got a guard up.

"I wish I didn't have but it's through no fault of my own, it's not my fault it's his fault at the end of the day.

"I don't want anything bad to happen, I don't want to be hurt again."

Geordie Shore

This is all just making us SO SAD as we have all recently witnessed Gary breaking Charlotte's heart once AGAIN – this time by participating in a threesome whilst filming Ex On The Beach, despite the fact that he was still "doing bits" with Charlotte at the time.

You can read all about that escapade RIGHT HERE.

Will all this EVER be solved? Will Chaz ever get back together?It's not looking too promising...

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