Geordie Shore stars in Twitter war after Marnie Simpson and Zahida Allen’s epic fight

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Geordie Shore

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Last night was a cracking night for reality TV dramz, wasn't it? Love Island's only been on for two days and there's already been a complex love triangle, a jilted lover and a whole load of snogging.

Meanwhile, over on MTV, the Geordie Shore were embroiled in an almighty fight ending in Marnie Simpson launching a plant pot at Zahida Allen. It's been a very dramatic 24 hours.

The fight initially kicked off between Zahida and newbie Abbie Holborn, after it was revealed Zahida had kissed Scotty T after Abbie had admitted to having feelings for him. The girls were scrapping in the garden when Marnie Simpson rushed out to have her say in the matter.

Geordie Shore

Zahida then called out Marnie, uttering some slur about her cheating, prompting Marnie to pick up a pant plot and launch it at Zahida, who was behind the glass doors of the shag pad. Marnie then kicked the doors, causing the glass to crack before being dragged awaya in typical Geordie-Shore style by Scott.

Geordie Shore


Anyway, still clearly not best pleased with Zahida months after this little altercation was filmed, Marnie took to Twitter to vent her frustrations. She also explained there was more to what when on than we saw on camera.

"Zahida got very personal to and Soph OFF CAMERA, which is why we all hated her. She was a very nasty girl when the cameras weren't on her," she wrote.

Geordie Shore twitter

Then TOWIE's Georgia Kousoulou then jumped in, telling her Twitter followers: "I think zahida is going the wrong way about this .. spesh pushing Abbie.

"She should be saying sorry with less attitude."

Marnie then replied to her pal saying: "Thanks G that girl is as fake as they come, she was awful to us girls as soon as they stopped recording she would unleash her true colours x."

And Georgia then reassured Marnie: "I wouldn't worry about it bub you come across just as you are .. REAL"

Geordie Shore twitter

Zahida is yet to comment on all the Twitter beef, although she has been voicing her opinion about the new Love Island cast.

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