Geordie Shore’s Marty McKenna caused absolute CHAOS during a club appearance

Well what did anyone expect? He's Marty from t'party

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by Stevie Martin |
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Newest Geordie Shore housemate Marty McKenna exploded into the series in a ball of cringey try-hard dance moves and desperate attempts to cement himself as a top lad. Seems like he's doing a good job - at a recent club appearance, the moppet caused a bit of a problem when he wouldn't stop snogging everyone.

No seriously, he was reportedly kissing ladies who were there with their boyfriends as they lined up to take selfies with him in Garage club in Aberdeen.

As one source told Now magazine:

"There was huge lines of girls all queuing to take selfies with him, which is fairly normal when celebs come to Garage, but Marty was getting off with every girl as they got their picture with him."

The drama continued: "After a while, random boys started kicking off and going for him. It turns out he'd pulled these guys' girlfriends.

"One of the boyfriends got dragged out by the bouncers and then a few more just got escorted out for their behaviour."

Of course, Marty wouldn't have known that some of the girls had boyfriends - but, as the source said, "Maybe not kissing every female fan on the lips would have helped?"

Seems like Marty had a nice time though, which is more than can be said for the security guards, who had to step in break up the fights starting out all over the place.

But what can we all expect from a guy who says things like: "I've slept with about 150 to 200 girls - very, very disgusting. I prefer sex in the morning because you've just woken up with morning glory and you just wanna poke it straight into a fanny and get on with it."

Not a tandem ride around the park followed by a nice cup of tea, that's for sure.

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