Geordie Shore’s Scotty T has had his BALLS tattooed

He says

Scotty T Chanelle Hayes

by Georgina Terry |
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If we know anything about the Geordie Shore boys – other than their actual shagging techniques having watched them going at it for five years – it's that they're competitive as hell.

So, it should come as no surprise that fresh on the back of Gary Beadle getting his first inking and Aaron Chalmers getting a bruise on his penis after having a huge tattoo down there, that Scotty T has jumped into the arena with a TESTICLES TATTOO.

But it is a surprise. Because who would get their balls tattooed? We've never seen anything like it in all our time watching Tattoo Fixers. Never.

Scotty made the revelation on Twitter when a fan asked if Gaz's tatt would inspire him to get something done.

"Na when I got my balls done that put me off for life X," Scotty claimed.

And, when another Twitter user challenged him about if he was telling the truth, he replied: "Ye man!! Had cling film round me balls for weeks.. Felt like I was in a bondage porno."

Hmmm…. We smell porkies. And by that we mean lies, rather than the whiff of Scotty's gennies after they've been wrapped in cling film for weeks.

What is undeniable, however, is Aaron's ENORMOUS crotch inking that takes the form of a 'death moth'. Because nothing is more romantic or sexual than a death moth.

Also a solid fact is Gaz's huge hand tattoo that we can't help but notice bears a striking resemblance to Charlotte Crosby's hip rose. Oh, Gaz.

In other Geordie Shore news, Marnie Simpson came a surprising fourth place in the Celebrity Big Brother final. Which could be a bit AWKS after Scotty won the show in January 2016.

We reckon a lot of Marns' vote was probably taken by people splashing out 50 pence of their own money on Stephen Bear. Which is very fair, have you ever known anyone work harder to win CBB? Thought not.

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