OMG! Geordie Shore’s Sophie Kasaei looks TOTALLY different these days

Talk about a reeeeet transformation

Sophie Kasaei Geordie Shore

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Remember complete Geordie Shore babe Sophie Kasaei?

Well, she was one of t'Shore's GOLDEN original housemates who caused complete and utter carnage right up until series 7 – she was booted off back in 2013 after an alleged 'racist' incident that cost her a place in the house.

Sophie has been busy doing her own thang ever since. Well she was, until May 2016 when we saw her MARCH her way right back where she belongs for Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle, which sees old and new cast mates reunite for one ALMIGHTY battle.

And it was so LOVELY to see her face.

Sophie Kasaei Geordie Shore

She even made her best pal Charlotte Crosby make this pretty unreal face:

Sophie Kasaei Geordie Shore

Too emosh for words.

Although we were buzzing to see her, we couldn't help but notice how much she has changed over the years, just like the rest of her Geordie fam. We mean, have you SEEN Rebecca Walker recently?

Brace yourselves, as we're about to fill you in on ALL things Kasaei.

What does Sophie look like these days?

Sophie is still a little beaut but there's fewer neon accessories, no black and blonde hair extensions, no extravagant blusher – she's softer, more mature and she GLOWS from within. We're in love with her new look.


She's still rocking that tip top-tan though; Sophie's got to have those true Geordie girl credentials.

What has she been doing to keep the dollar bills rolling in?

Sophie had loads of potential job ventures when she left the show. She could have gone to work in her dad's (remember Sophie's dad? He was a laff and a half) mambo Italian restaurant but she stuck to her dreams and decided to go down the fashion route.

Since the show, Sophie worked hard to open a fashion boutique in her hometown of South Shields, but not without the struggles and setbacks that come with owning your own business.

She told heat: "After Geordie Shore I had a bit of money, so I looked at all the people on TOWIE and saw that they have got their little boutiques and they're all doing so amazing, so I opened one in my hometown."

Sadly, due to the location and the lack of money coming in, Sophie made the decision to close her boutique and her collection went online.

"I never really earned much, I sort of lost all my savings," she added.

So it's a good job her former boss Anna from Geordie Tours employed her to head up nights out in Newcastle, which is Sophie's main source of income these days.

Does she still see her Geordie gal pals?

ALL the time! She makes LOADS of time for her besties Holly and Charlotte and has a huge soft spot for newbie Chloe Ferry. Plus Marnie Simpson is her baby cousin, so they have big family love.

Sophie Kasaei Geordie Shore

Is she still with Joel Corry?

She sure is! And guess what? They're the only Geordie Shore relationship that has lasted the duration; an accolade Sophie's proper proud of.

"Me and Joel lasted, even when everyone said, 'you won't last, you won't be together'. Four-and-a-half years later, and we're still here.

"So it just goes to show, you can never ever judge. Me and Joel have lasted and he's a lot more mature now, as much as he can be, and I'm really proud of it."

Sophie Kasaei Geordie Shore

Does she still like to party?

Er, did you watch the first Big Battle episode?

And what will the future bring?

Sophie has made no qualms about the fact that she wants to be back on Geordie Shore full time – it's what she does best.

But at the moment, she'srevealed that things are not looking too positive for a full-time comeback.

"When I had to leave at the end of the series I was in hysterics. At the minute there's no talk of me going back which I'm gutted about, but we'll see how the series goes."

Celebrity Big Brother? I'm A Celeb? Paul Hollywood? Give Sophie a call, she's 100% up for it.

"Put me on something like the Great British Bake Off, anything with food, I would do it!"


Sophie Kasaei's body transformation, from Season 1 to now


Sophie Kasaei's AMAZING transformation

Sophie Kasaei 11 of 11

Sophie Kasaei 1

Sophie Kasaei 62 of 11

Sophie Kasaei 6

Sophie Kasaei 63 of 11

Sophie Kasaei 6

Sophie Kasaei 64 of 11

Sophie Kasaei 6

Sophie Kasaei 65 of 11

Sophie Kasaei 6

Sophie Kasaei 66 of 11

Sophie Kasaei 6

Sophie Kasaei 67 of 11

Sophie Kasaei 6

Sophie Kasaei 68 of 11

Sophie Kasaei 6

Sophie Kasaei 69 of 11

Sophie Kasaei 6

Sophie Kasaei 610 of 11

Sophie Kasaei 6

Sophie Kasaei 611 of 11

Sophie Kasaei 6

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