Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby snuggles in bed with Holly Hagen, Chloe Etherington and Marnie Simpson

Alright pet?


by Rebecca Heyes |
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The Geordie Shore lasses have never been ones to shy away from a booze and pizza-fuelled night out, however it seems that occasionally, they might just prefer a snuggly night in.

Charlotte Crosby took to Instagram to share a cute little snap of her cuddled up in bed with co-stars Holly Hagen, Chloe Etherington and Marnie Simpson before they start filming for series 11.

In the caption, she wrote: “Last few hours b4 filming @hollygshore @marniegshore @chloegshore1 #Greece #GeordieShoreSeries11 #Girls #StickTogether”

The photo is a far cry from the screaming arguments, false accusations and shoes being thrown down the stairs that usually make up most of the female shenanigans of the Geordie Shore house.

It seems that all those bitter squabbles about Marnie flirting with all the boys is a distant memory, as this photo really does capture the act of true friendship.

The importance of a good brow game is also evident in Charlotte’s pic, with all four girls rocking what look like freshly done eyebrows and natural make up.

It’s almost as though they planned to take this photo beforehand or something.


    With series 11 right round the corner, we can’t wait to find out what’s in store for the notorious cast.

    Will the Charlotte and Gaz Beadle saga continue? Will Scott Timlin lose his temper and smash yet another door up? And will Holly manage to stay upright long enough to actually order her kebab for once?

    This could go one of two ways…


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