George Shelley announces documentary on grief following his sister’s tragic death

"This is the toughest thing I've ever had to do."

George Shelley

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Former X Factor star and Union J singer George Shelley has opened up about the emotional documentary he's making following his sister's tragic death last year.

George updated fans on his latest project in a video posted to his Twitter account, revealing he's been working on a documentary about the 'grieving process' after his sister died in a traffic accident in April 2017.

George Shelley

He shared the video along with a message reading: "This is the toughest thing I've ever had to do on every level, but if it helps just one person as much as it's helped me over the last few months, I can find pride and comfort in sharing my experiences. Thanks @bbcthree for guiding me through this journey x"

In the clip George spoke about the film he's making with BBC Three about 'the grieving process and the different coping mechanisms' after losing a loved one.

He told fans: "I thought I would make a little video just to explain what I'm up to at the moment.

"It's been 12 months now since I lost my little sister Harriet to a road traffic accident during a night out, and it has been the hardest 12 months of my life, without a shadow of doubt.

"I've really struggled with the grieving process and how it's affected my mental health."

He added that he hopes the documentary will help others get through the process.

George added: "I know a lot of young people find it difficult to talk about mental health and grief in particular, so I'm hoping that by me talking about this and making this documentary it's going to help me get through this process but also help a lot of other people in a similar position.

"It will be out this summer and I hope it helps, because it's hard."

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Darren Day, Series 1

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Nigel Benn, Series 1

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Linda Barker, Series 2

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Wayne sleep I'm A Celebrity contestants12 of 74

Wayne Sleep, Series 2

We cruelly voted for ballet dancing hero Wayne Sleep OBE to crawl through a tunnel of rats with waffles strapped to him. He really caught the bug for reality TV and was recently seen flashing the flesh in Celebrity Big Brother 2018.

Antony Worrall Thompson I'm A Celeb contestants13 of 74

Antony Worrall Thompson, Series 2

Celebrity chef and Ready Steady Cook star Antony WT led the sausage revolution to get the camp some food in series 2. After the jungle, Antony hosted Saturday Kitchen and Great British Menu. A foodie through and through.

Toyah Wilcox I'm A Celeb contestants14 of 74

Toyah Wilcox, Series 2

Toyah swam through a stinky bog for a Bushtucker Trial during her time in the jungle. The '70s and '80s Aussie pop star is still making music and performing on stage.

Catlania Guirado I'm a Celeb contestants15 of 74

Catlania Guirado, Series 2

Poor Catlania Guirado had to swim through a murky swamp of crocs and snakes yet she STILL only came in seventh place! Beyond a few more modelling and TV presenting gigs, she launched Guirado Designs accessories and splits her time between London and LA.

Chris Bisson I'm A Celebrity contestants16 of 74

Chris Bisson, Series 2

We knew Chris as Vikram Desai from Corrie before he entered the jungle. He didn't make much of an impact in there but his acting career took off afterwards when he started playing Kash Karib in Shameless then Jai Sharma in Emmerdale. Some people just thrive more when there are no creepy crawlies around.

Daniella Westbrook I'm A Celebrity conestants17 of 74

Danniella Westbrook, Series 2

EastEnders star Danniella Westbrook found it super tough to be away from her family in the jungle and she decided to leave camp. She has since returned to Albert Square as Sam Mitchell on a few occasions (watch this space for more...) and was a contestant in Celebrity Big Brother 2016.

Sian Lloyd I'm A Celebrity contestants18 of 74

Sian Lloyd, series 2

Sunny Sian Lloyd is the ITV weather presenter we all relied on to give us good news for the week ahead. After her shock exit as the first person to be voted out of the jungle, Sian continued presenting the weather up until 2014. She appeared on Celebrity First Dates a couple of years ago following her eight year marriage breakdown. We forecast love for Sian's future!

Kerry Katona I'm A Celeb contestants19 of 74

Kerry Katona, series 3

Queen of the jungle Kerry Katona won the nation's hearts in the jungle, with her big heart and down to earth attitude. She opened up about her time in girlband Atomic Kitten, which she since reunited with in 2012 before leaving again last year (keep up!). She's been on the telly LOADS and regularly speaks on ITV's Loose Women. We're still team Queen Kerry!

Jennie Bond I'm A Celeb contestants20 of 74

Jennie Bond, Series 3

Her majesty Jennie Bond was the BBC correspondent and news anchor until 2003. She then became the runner up in I'm A Celeb series 3 after being buried alive AND chowing down jungle creatures in the Bushtucker Trials. She has appeared in a few TV shows since but tends to lead a fairly quiet life (probably chilling out with the queen and co.).

Peter Andre I'm A Celebrity contestants21 of 74

Peter Andre, Series 3

Who can forget one half of the jungle's most famous couple? Peter Andre found his mysterious woman in the form of Katie Price and he came third place in the competition! A LOT happened since the show, including new music (remember that album of duets with Katie?!) and documentary shows like the Katie & Peter series. Following the couple's divorce in 2009, Peter married Emily MacDonagh who he has two children with. There's a happy ending after all!

Lord Brocket I'm A Celeb contestants22 of 74

Lord Brocket, Series 3

Proper posh chap Lord Brocket spent time in prison for fraud before heading to the jungle! He entertained his fellow campers with anecdotes and took on the terror tank as his Bushtucker Trial. Charlie (if you're on first-name terms) wrote an autobiography and married Harriet Victoria Warren who he then had two children with.

Katie Price I'm A Celeb contestants23 of 74

Katie Price, Series 3

Although she came in fifth place, entrepreneur Katie Price proved to be a real queen of the jungle with her straight talking and romance with Peter Andre. What HASN'T she done since leaving the jungle? As well as a whole heap of fly-on-the-wall ITV spin offs, she went on to win Celebrity Big Brother 2015. Katie and Pete divorced in 2009 (sob), she married Kieran Hayler in 2013 and is now in an on/off relationship with Kris Boyson.

Alex Best I'm A Celeb contestant24 of 74

Alex Best, Series 3

Model and ex-wife of George Best, Alex crawled on her hands and knees through tanks of cockroaches, spiders and snakes for her Bushtucker Trials. She has since written an autobiography and recently talked about how difficult dating is due to her famous surname. Well, it is the Best.

Neil Ruddock I'm A Celeb contestant25 of 74

Neil Ruddock, Series 3

Professional footballer Neil 'Razor' Ruddock conquered his fear of heights by climbing up a tight rope to get a chest for the camp. He released a charity single but we doubt Peter Andre ever lost sleep over it. Razor recently featured on Channel 5's Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away! after he declared bankruptcy. Awkward.

John Lydon I'm A Celebrity contestant26 of 74

John Lydon, Series 3

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Diane Modahl, Series 3

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Mike Read, Series 3

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Joe Pasquale I'm A Celeb contestants29 of 74

Joe Pasquale, Series 4

All hail King of the Jungle number four, Joe Pasquale! The squeaky voiced comedian made friends with the camp's two pet Emus (called Ant and Dec) and his Bushtucker Trials included being buried alive and climbing out of a helicopter in the sky. Joe came sixth place in 2013's Dancing on Ice. He still goes around the country doing stand up tours - so keep an eye out for future dates!

Paul Burrell I'm A Celeb contestants30 of 74

Pete Burrell, Series 4

The former royal butler had us all in hysterics as he cried through his Bushtucker Trials, especially when he put his arm in a 'hell hole' of jungle animals and creatures! He returned to the Aussie version of I'm A Celeb and you'll still find him talking about the royal family at any given opportunity...

Fran Cosgrave I'm A Celeb contestants31 of 74

Fran Cosgrave, Series 4

Fran was basically famous for being a renowned bad boy, love rat and, night club owner and former bodyguard to Westlife. After the jungle he appeared on Celebrity Love Island, had a baby with former Atomic Kitten member Natasha Hamilton, then became a life coach! Who would have predicted that?!

Janet Street Porter I'm A Celebrity contestants32 of 74

Janet Street Porter, Series 4

The newspaper editor with a big career and an even bigger gob, Janet Street Porter has never shied away from sharing her point of view - and things didn't change in the jungle. She is now a regular panelist on Loose Women, where she shows her softer side but still packs a punch if she has a strong opinion on something. (which is most of the time...).

Sophie Anderton33 of 74

Sophie Anderton, Series 4

Underwear model and all round mega babe Sophie Anderton left the jungle in fifth place. She then appeared in one -off ITV series Celebrity Love Island (which we demand makes a comebacl).

Antonio Fargas I'm A Celeb34 of 74
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Antonio Fargas, Series 4

The Starsky & Hutch star Antonio Fargas finally left camp after being up for the boot three consecutive times. He's still acting but, errr, probably not in anything you've seen at the cinema recently.

Sheila Ferguson i'm a celeb35 of 74

Sheila Ferguson, Series 4

The Three Degrees singer Sheila Ferguson was the fifth celeb to leave the jungle. After that, she was one of the first people to do Celebrity Masterchef. Most recently, she travelled around India for The Real Marigold Hotel.

Vic Reeves I'm A Celeb36 of 74

Vic Reeves, Series 4

TV funnyman and presenter Vic Reeves turned up to the jungle with his wife Nancy Sorrell. Originally, he was the favourite to win but ended up being the second celeb voted out. His career doesn't seem to have suffered though - you'll see him on what feels like EVERY quiz show going. And Nancy...

Nancy Sorrell I'm A Celeb37 of 74

Nancy Sorrell, Series 4

She was voted out JUST before Vic, so they didn't have to stay apart for too long. The underwear model has since had a blink-or-miss-it scene in Love Actually and presented Trust Me I'm A Holiday Rep on Channel 5.

Natalie Appleton I'm A Cleb38 of 74

Natalie Appleton, Series 4

Poor former All Saints singer Natalie Appleton did NOT enjoy her short but stressful time in the jungle. She was constantly voted to take part in Bushtucker Trials, which - understandably - turned her into a bit of an emotional wreck. Natalie walked away and reformed All Saints in 2006 - the supported Backstreet Boys on their UK and Ireland tour in 2014. We last heard that they're working on their fifth album...

Brian Harvey I'm A Celeb39 of 74

Brian Harvey, Series 4

Former East 17 heart-throb Brian Harvey shocked viewers when he abandoned camp after arguing with fellow contestant Janet Street Porter. In 2007 Harvey entered a song to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest but lost out to Scooch.

Carol Thatcher I'm A Celeb40 of 74

Carol Thatcher, Series 5

An unlikely camper and even unlikelier winner from the start, Carol Thatcher proved the doubters wrong by winning series 5. Daughter of Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher, journalist Carol said her mum did NOT tune in to watch her chewing down kangaroo testicles in the Bushtucker Challenge. She now lives with ski instructor Marco Grass in Switzerland - nice!

Sheree Murphy41 of 74

Sheree Murphy, Series 5

Ex-Emmerdale actress Sheree came second in series 2. She has since popped up in Hollyoaks and down under in Neighbours.

Sid Owen42 of 74
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Sid Owen, Series 5

Eastenders favourite Sid Owen struck up an adorable friendship with Carol - whoudda thought? Sid tapped his way onto Strictly Come Dancing in 2012 but didn't make it past week three. In 2016 he returned to Walford as Ricky Butcher but has since departed again.

Bobby Ball43 of 74

Bobby Ball, Series 5

One half of '80s Saturday night TV comdey duo Cannon and Ball, Bobby managed to stay in the camp a fair while longer than his showbiz partner. He continues to make us laugh in appearances on shows like Not Going Out and Mount Pleasant.

Jimmy Osmond44 of 74

Jimmy Osmond, Series 5

Superstar sibling Jimmy Osmond brought his big heart and smile to the camp. Jimmy reunited with his brothers to perform at The Osmonds Live in Las Vegas: 50th Anniversary Reunion Concert in 2008. We last saw that Jimmy was playing in an Aladdin panto in Aberdeen.

Antony Costa45 of 74
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Antony Costa, Series 5

Probably the most overlooked member of boyband Blue, Antony Costa used his time in the jungle to shine. Fans rejoiced when Blue reformed on The Big Reunion - they are reportedly working on a sixth studio album...

Jenny Frost46 of 74

Jenny Frost, Series 5

Atomic Kitten star Jenny Frost proved the be a big cat in the jungle. She went on to present the brilliant Snog, Marry, Avoid? then wasn't too happy when Kerry Katona replaced her when the band reformed.

David Dickinson47 of 74

David Dickinson, Series 5

Wheeler-dealer David Dickinson was always going to be an interesting experiment on I'm A Celeb! He probably feels more comfortable around his antiques, which is why he continue's to present Dickinson's Real Deal.

Kimberly Davies48 of 74

Kimberly Davies, Series 5

Aussie native and Neighbours soap-star Kimberly Davies suffered a bad injury after 'Hell-O-Drop', which involved jumping out of a helicopter to collect stars - it caused her to leave the show. She has been on various Australian TV shows since.

Jilly Goolden49 of 74

Jilly Goolden, Series 5

Food and wine connoisseur was never going to get her fine food and glass of Malbec in the jungle. Instead, she got to eat a whole lotta bugs in the Bushtucker Trial. She has since been a judge on Britain's Best Dish and has appeared on Celebrity Masterchef.

Tommy Cannon50 of 74

Tommy Cannon, Series 5

The second half of Cannon and Ball, Tommy was the first of the duo to leave. Aww.

Elaine Lordon51 of 74

Elaine Lordon, Series 5

Best known for her roles in Eastenders and Gimme Gimme Gimme, Elaine was the first celeb to get the boot. She's been pretty quiet since and has only appeared on Soapstar Superstar.

Matt Willis52 of 74

Matt Willis, Series 6

Our favourite Busted member and Emma Willis's other half, Matt Willis was crowned King of the Jungle in series 6. He's since made A LOT of fans happy by reforming with super-group McBusted and touring the UK. He also married the lovely Emma in 2008. Awwww.

Myleene Klass53 of 74

Myleene Klass, Series 6

Queen of the waterfall-shower Myleene Klass was best known for her time in Popstar's group Hear'Say. She's become a bit of a hit on the radio waves since leaving, with her own shows on Radio 2 and Smooth Radio. You might have also caught her as a panellist on Loose Women.

Jason Donovan54 of 74

Jason Donovan, Series 6

We knew Jason as one half of Neighbours' Scott and Charlene (played by Kylie Minogue), so Jason should have felt at home Down Under. He provided many an entertaining moment, especially when he suffered a case of cabin fever in the jungle. He's since been on Strictly, Piers Morgan's Life Stories and stage production of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. An entertainer 'til the end!

David Gest55 of 74

David Gest, Series 6

American David Gest was a big character in camp and came in fourth place. He entered the Celeb Big Brother house in 2016 but had to leave due to health issues. David died of a stroke later that year, leaving a unique hole in the celeb world.

Dean Gaffney56 of 74

Dean Gaffney, Series 6

Eastenders favourite Dean Gaffney provided top TV entertainment with his 'beauty salon' Bushtucker Trial. He's returned to Eastenders to resume his role as Robbie Fowler but in 2019 it came to light he was 'axed' following 'bad decisions' in his personal life.

Jan Leeming57 of 74

Jan Leeming, Series 6

TV presenter Jan Leeming did a record SIX Bushtucker Trials, you cruel, cruel people. She has since taken part in The Real Marigold Hotel.

Malandra Burrows58 of 74

Malandra Burrows, Series 6

Former Emmerdale star Malandra did a few Tushbucker Trials in camp. She's not done much since, but did appear on Celebrity The Weakest Link.

Phine Oruche59 of 74

Phina Oruche, Series 6

Former Footballers Wives star Phina Oruche gave Jan a grilling in the jungle. She's done some acting gigs since leaving, but nothing big.

Lauren Booth60 of 74

Lauren Booth, Series 6

Half sister of Cherie Booth, activist and journalist Lauren Booth donated her I'm A Celeb money to charity. Lauren continues to politically campaign.

Faith Brown61 of 74

Faith Brown, Series 6

Actor and comedian Faith Brown was the second contestant to be booted out of camp. She has since done stand up comedy tours around the UK.

Scott Henshall62 of 74

Scott Henshall, Series 6

Fashion designer Scott Henshall didn't get past the second eviction after a pretty poor performance in his Bushtucker Trial. He has guest judged shows like Project Catwalk and Britain's Next Top Model.

Toby Anstis63 of 74

Toby Anstis, Series 6

TV and radio presenter Toby was the first to go in series 6. You can still catch him presenting A Place in the Sun.

Christopher Biggins64 of 74

Christopher Biggins, Series 7

Ahh, theatre and TV actor Christopher Biggins provided the lolz on I'm A Celeb! - like the time he cuddled up to a rat. That's how he became crowned King of the Jungle. He's been on every celeb reality show going and continues to act in panto.

Janis Dickinson65 of 74

Janice Dickinson, Series 7

'90s supermodel Janice Dickinson was outspoken was straight talking in the camp. Sadly, Janis was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 but says: 'Don't feel sorry for me, I'm gonna stick around for a long, long time'.

Jason J Brown66 of 74
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Jason J Brown, Series 7

Former Five popstar Jason J Brown made it to the final. He reformed with Five as part of The Big Reunion but moved on shortly afterwards.

Cerys Matthews67 of 74

Cerys Matthews, Series 7

Former Catatonia singer Cerys had a bit of a fling with fellow contestant Marc Bannerman after the show. She continues to present her radio show on BBC 6Music.

Gemma Atkinson68 of 74

Gemma Atkinson, Series 7

Former Hollyoaks actress Gemma lasted two weeks in the jungle. She then took part in Strictly Come Dancing and appeared in Emmerdale. She's since welcomed her first child into the world with partner Gorka Márquez.

Anna Ryder Richardson69 of 74

Anna Ryder Richardson, Series 7

Changing Rooms interior designer Anna was the sixth contestant to leave the jungle. Afterwards, she went on Who Wants to be a Millionaire with Christopher Biggins for charity.

Rodney Marsh70 of 74

Rodney Marsh, Series 7

Former England footballer Rodney made some controversial comments during his time in the jungle. He's still enjoying his retirement on shows such as Come Dine With Me and Celebrity Coach Trip.

John Burton Race71 of 74

John Burton Race, Series 7

Celebrity chef John was the camp's main cook, obviously. He's since presented Britain's Best Dish and Put Your Menu Where Your Mouth Is.

Lynne Franks72 of 74
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Lynne Franks, Series 7

Prominent PR woman Lynne got into a lot of arguments with her fellow campers. She continues to campaign for women's rights and empowerment.

Katie Hopkins73 of 74

Katie Hopkins, Series 7

Viewers no doubt enjoyed watching former Apprentice villain and controversial columnist Katie Hopkins doing Bushtucker Trials. She has since gained more and more enemies with her tweets and TV appearances.

Mark Bannerman74 of 74

Mark Bannerman, Series 7

Mark Bannerman played suave Italian Gianni di Marco in Eastenders. He had a relationship with fellow camper Cerys Matthews when she left the jungle.

George's younger sister Harriet died after being hit by a car following a night out at a Stormzy concert in Bristol. The former Union J singer has previously spoken out about his depression following the tragic accident.

George Shelley

"I've had a pretty rubbish year and I've experienced things I thought I'd never have to experience," he explained, appearing on Lorraine earlier this year.

He added: "I'm seeing colour again. For so long I was in my bedroom, the lights were off, there were take-away bags everywhere; I wasn't talking to my friends."

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