Wait, did Jeremy Kyle just out Toff and Jack Maynard’s relationship?!

Toff and Jack

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Former I'm A Celeb camp-mates Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo and Jack Maynard have been spending a lot of time together. Just check out their Instagram feeds for proof.

MIC's Toff and YouTuber Jack first hit it off when they met on the ITV show last year. But Toff was too busy to think about romance, as she went on to become the jungle queen.

Toff and Jack

Now it looks like the pair might just have become the real deal after Jeremy Kyle (of all people) made Jack blush on Good Morning Britain by asking if they were going out.

In between giggles, Jack replied: "Me and Toff spend a lot of time together. We’re really good friends. We get on really well."

Jeremy then pressed Jack and asked: "Why have you gone red? Come on, I’ve asked you: are you and Toff in a relationship?"

Jack answered: "No we’re not in a relationship, no. We’re getting on really well and spending lots of time together and enjoying our time together.

Jack Maynard

When Jeremy asked if he'd like to be in a relationship with Toff, he laughed "Who knows what the future holds, we’ll have to wait and see."

SURELY this means something's finally going on here?!

The pair shared pizza at Franco Manca over the bank holiday weekend and Toff shared a photo of the date with the caption: "He’s a pizza me.... 🍕:

And earlier in the month, Jack shared a photo of the twosome at the races with the caption: "After 10 months, I have finally given into an Instagram... 🙄🤦🏼‍♂️❤️"

Just give it to us straight, guyz!

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