We’ll be getting a Matt Terry album soon!

X Factor winner working on his new album

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by Stevie Martin |
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Having won X Factor, it was only a matter of time that Matt Terry was going to start working on releasing his debut album.

And that time, it seems, is now. Or, at least, nigh.

Speaking at the NFL UK Super Bowl LI party, he said: "I’ve just started writing my new album, so I should have a single coming out in the summer."

X Factor fans, rejoice! It's happening!

matt terry

One of our fave things to come out the series was Matt Terry's bromance with Freddy Parker (loads of people thought it was an actual romance after spotting them 'kissing' at the final, but that's another story).

The two even moved into a London bachelor pad together after the series ended, but it appears the honeymoon period might be over.

According to the Daily Star Online, the two made an effort to avoid each other at an event earlier this week, and Freddy confirmed to the publication that they are no longer living together.

"I think the main reason I moved to London was because I was here every single day when I? left the show doing stuff.

"It was just a trek to keep going back and forth all the time."

"I'd made money via gigs so I just thought it would be really cool to move to London.

"Matt wanted to move as well and as we were really close we thought why not do it together.

He goes on to explain that he realised it wasn't worth the money, and said he thought it was a "naïve" decision.


In other X Factor news – did you hear that Ryan Lawrie is taking a brand new career direction?

ALSO these two X Factor finalists are probably going to duet together.


Matt Terry was attending the NFL Super Bowl LI party ahead of this Sunday’s Super Bowl, which will see the New England Patriots face the Atlanta Falcons in Houston this Sunday. You can catch all of the action from 11.20pm on BBC One or Sky Sports 1 from 10.00pm, with kick-off at 11.30pm.*

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