Gigi Hadid slammed for doing awks Melania Trump impression

Err… Is that ok?

Gigi Hadid AMAs

by Natasha Preskey |
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We love a bit of Gigi Hadid. Whether she’s singing Christmas carols, stealing Zayn from us or borrowing our BFF Kendall Jenner, she’s the ultimate babe.

But when we watched the AMAs on Sunday, we almost dropped our digestive in our cuppa when Gi cracked out an impression of First-Lady-to-be, Melania Trump.

The model said "I gotta get her face right," before squinting her eyes and pouting.

She then put on an Eastern European accent and poked fun at Melania, who was accused of plagiarising a Michelle Obama speech from 2008.

"I love my husband, President Barack Obama and our children, Sasha and Malia," she said.

Trump is NOT one of our faves but we’re not about mocking people’s accents. C'mon, Gigi.

Some viewers weren’t happy with Gigi’s skit.

One tweeted: "Errr, is it just me or was Gigi Hadid's Melania Trump impression a little racist?"

Another wrote: "if I was melania trump I'd b so hurt by Gigi hadid mocking my face/accent. Horrible.mean.not funny. FYI not for or against trump".

But others thought Gigi’s critics were missing the bigger picture.

Chyb tweeted: "Ppl so upset with Gigi's impression of Melania at the fucking AMAs but not upset at this joke of a country that elected Trump president?? ok".

In lighter Gigi-related news, her/our gorgeous boyf Zayn Malik won the AMA for New Artist Of The Year on Sunday.

But, with little regard for our still-raw grief over the demise of One Direction, the singer threw a teeny bit of shade at his former bandmates.

After hopping up on stage and grabbing his award, Zayn said: "Wow - this just has my name on it, right?"



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