Gilmore Girls lego could be a thing. WUT.

Gilmore girls

by Aimee Jakes |
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Confession time. The main reason we offer to babysit children is to a) see their reaction when they stick their tongue out attempting the dog Snapchat filter b) watch the Disney Channel c) play with their lego set.

Carefully selecting lego blocks and making majestic towers is one of our favourite pastimes. There are so many things to consider - colour, shape, can it transform into a flying car? The possibilities are endless.

Another one of our pastimes if smashing the lego tower into tiny bits until it resembles a mess that your friend would say 'OH FOR GOD SAKE' when she returns from her rare night out to Nandos.

HOWEVER, imagine you didn't have to give up your Saturday night babysitting to build towers and you could get yourself a nifty set without being judged (too much) on the number 59 bus?

Introducing Gilmore Girls lego(!!) which admittedly is just a petition at the moment, but that's how all good things start...

The petition reads: 'If you visit Stars Hollow, you should not miss visiting Luke's Diner to have breakfast, a burger or some cake; or only to check out, if someone nice like Lorelai or Rory Gilmore, Jess, Lane, Kirk or Luke himself is around.'

Gilmore girls

YASSS where do we sign up? Click these words highlighted in red and it will take you there #omg.

The internet, oh how you continue to amaze us. Keep doing you.

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