Gogglebox’s Baasit Siddiqui APOLOGISES for ISIS joke

We hate to sound like the Mail here, but you literally couldn't make this up

Gogglebox Siddiqui brothers

by Emmeline Saunders |
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UPDATE: Baasit Siddiqui has apologised for the Facebook joke post, saying he and his brothers are "extremely sorry" for any offence caused.

A statement from Gogglebox explains: "The Siddiquis have not been under investigation by local police, they are aware that this post was misjudged and have apologised for their mistake. It will not affect their position on Gogglebox."

EARLIER: Gogglebox has brought us many, many things – the drunken ramblings of Steph and Dom, a LOT of cute dogs (Dave the Rottie FTW) and the many wondrous gems of the Siddiqui family – but it turns out not everyone agrees with the last one.

Because the Siddiqui brothers – Baasit and Umar, along with their sibling Raza – have been reported to the police over a jokey Facebook status saying they were off for an ISIS training day.

Like, for real.

Non-Gogglebox regular son Raza Siddiqui posted a snap of the three brothers dressed in camo gear ready for a paintballing session, captioning it: "ISIS training day, look how happy we look!"

Gogglebox Siddiqui brothers ISIS joke

While many of his Facebook friends took the status in their stride, one was so shocked that they went straight to the police to report it – and then managed to speak to The Sun, presumably while clutching their pearls and swooning all over the place.

"When you are in the media, you have a responsibility," the anonymous 'friend' told the newspaper.

"His friends were liking and loving it. You don't know if any of those people are genuinely ISIS supporters."

We just… ugh. UGH.

A Derbyshire Police spokesman confirmed the complaint and said the Siddiquis home has been visited a number of times in the last few days, but they haven't been in.

"Officers have been to see them over the weekend, they have been to the house a couple of times, visiting again yesterday, but they are not home.

"They will keep trying until they are able to speak to them about the photograph," added the rep.

Gogglebox Siddiqui brothers

But it sounds like there was literally nothing to worry about, as the police released a second statement saying:

A member of the public contacted us after a photo of three men at a paintball centre was uploaded to Facebook, mentioning the so-called Islamic State.

We have examined the photograph and are satisfied that the caption was not intended to be taken seriously, and there was no link to terrorism whatsoever.

We will be offering suitable words of advice to those who uploaded it; however, no offences have been committed and there will be no further police action.

Glad that's sorted. Paintball, anyone?

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