Golden Globes 2015 dinner menu revealed!

Who will be scoffing what come Sunday night?


by Hannah Brimson |
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Yep, it's that time of year again. Awards season. And kicking us off first of all are the Golden Globes on Sunday night, where we can now reveal what all those drunken (and not so drunken) celebs will be feasting on at their fancy tables. Troy N. Thompson, Executive Chef at LA's Beverly Hilton Hotel has even cooked us up a practice dinner, just like they do in Masterchef and The Great British Bake Off for their families before they go to the tent. OK, maybe he didn't cook it up solely for us, but Troy, just to let you know we're here to hoover up any of Eddie Redmayne's leftovers, should you be reading this.


Golden Globes 2015 dinner menu revealed!

Pudding1 of 5


Now the chefs missed this one out, but luckily we have a pic so we'll try and decipher. Our guess would be (Masterchef style) a trio of chocolate desserts including a flourless chocolate cake topped with a 24 carat golden ball, a chocolate brownie drizzled with some posh sauce and then a raspberry and white chocolate something or other served with a raspberry coulis. Sound about right?

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Guests will enjoy a modern take on a traditional Waldorf salad, which typically contains apples, celery, walnuts and lettuce. Let's hope the chefs call this one the Blair Waldorf

Whatever-the-correct-name-is-between-a-starter-and-a-main. How about we call it Course 2?3 of 5

Whatever-the-correct-name-is-between-a-starter-and-a-main. How about we call it Course 2?

This looks very much like some posh bread with some leftovers of the previous Waldorf salad starter. But what do we know?

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Those award-winning actors and actresses will then be served a duo of filet mignon and slow-baked Arctic char accompanied by an heirloom tomato salad (we're not quite sure what that means. John Torode can you enlighten?) a potato croquette and a black Tuscan kale topper (again, you've lost us chefs)

A little tipple never hurt anyone...5 of 5

A little tipple never hurt anyone...

Whereas we're perfectly content with our Lambrini, the Golden Globes guests will be treated to as much Moet & Chandon champagne as they can handle. And then some

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