GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE: Geordie Shore’s Sophie Kasaei is now flogging off her stuff on eBay. Howay!


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by Shannon w |
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Ever wondered what Charlotte Crosby's wee really smells like? You could have a permanent reminder in your very own home, simply by logging on to eBay and bidding on one of Sophie Kasaei's unwanted items.

Yup, the former Geordie Shore star - who got kicked off the MTV show after making an alleged racist remark - is now trying to make a bit more cash on the side by flogging off her old clobber.

Prices for her current stuff start at £10 for a nude bandage dress all the way up to a whopping £26 for her aqua studded jersey dress.

The gobby Geordie is apparently not being allowed back to the Reality show after her alleged offensive remark, so instead she's making the most of her celeb status and directing all her followers over to her eBay store.

A few of the pieces on sale have actually been worn by Sophie for filming, so you might be getting a few WKD Blue stains thrown in for free.

Seriously though, if you do decide to give Sophie some of your hard-earned cash, maybe invest in a can of Fabreeze at the same time?

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