What a good Samaritan! Keanu Reeves returns lost credit card to stranger!

Bless Keanu Reeves – he returned someone’s credit card after finding it on the ground in New York.


by Heat |

Imagine if you lost your credit card/purse/wallet/whatever and Keanu Reeves found it?

Well, he blew some minds at a New York club last week.

The 50-year-old Matrix star was at the wrap party for his film Daughter Of God when he found the stranger’s card.

During the night Keanu just popped up on the mic of the Leonora club to announce to everyone at the venue: “Hey, Don Jonas! I found your credit card outside, come see me and I’ll return it.”

A scruffier Keanu earlier this year.
A scruffier Keanu earlier this year.

After what we can only assume was such a joyous reunion on many levels for the owner of the card, Keanu continued to party with Gee Malik Linton, who directed the film, which also stars Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion actress Mira Sorvino and Ana de Armas.

The actor recently stepped out in NYC with a fresh haircut and shave, looking like the suave man we know him as.

He almost reminded us of the days when he was in Speed with Sandra Bullock.

Pre-clean shaven-Keanu, he wasn’t looking so ‘fresh’ when he was spotted in January with a scruffy hair-do, beard and jeans.

We SO prefer the polished Mr Reeves please.

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