Grammys 2015; let’s discuss Madonna’s, erm, interesting look…

Such a shy lass. NAHT.


by Ellen Kerry |
Published on

We expect to see all sorts of quirky dresses and dazzling looks at the Grammys, in fact we prepare for it. Even so, Madonna has managed to make us do a triple take with her powerful get-up…


Madge, who will be performing at the 57th annual awards show this evening, arrived at the event with Diplo who looked his usual fit self. But we didn’t spend too long looking at the DJ because Madonna TOOK ALL OF OUR ATTENTION. Tut-tut.

The ever-interesting Queen of Pop strutted onto the red carpet at the famous Staples Center in LA looking like she’d stepped on the set of a weird Fifty Shades meets Wild Wild West B-movie. As well as a boob-baring corset with mega shoulder pads and lace curtains for your bits, Madonna was wearing what looked like a bullfighter’s hat and bondage boots.

No one can deny that at 56-years-old Madonna’s body is the bomb but this outfit is more suited to a subversive hen party than the Grammys.

And we refuse to believe those binding leather gloves are comfortable…

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