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There have been Great British Bake Off stories FLYING around lately. We've heard that hawt anesthetist Tamal Ray might be getting his own show, and there's also talk of a MEGA bake off with a festive Christmas twist later this year.

But now, it's THAT time of the year when we sit around in our pyjamas eating cake, while watching people making cakes, and hiding behind the cushion when they're BREAKING cakes (Dorret Conway's dribbly mousse, anyone?)

The Great British Bake Off is BAAAACK, and the official line-up of brill bakers has been revealed! Hurrah!

Fancy yourself a slice of Tom? Or are you more for chirpy Kate as your mate?



If you're an aerospace engineer for Rolls-Royce with a degree from Cambridge, what's your next feat? Grabbing the coveted Great British Bake Off crown, OBVS. Andrew, a 25-year-old genius who designs actual jet engines, is originally from Northern Ireland and is currently designing a baguette Concorde. As you do.



She's a South London lass with a first 1st class degree in economics (fancy), but she's swapping profit for profiteroles to be on this year's show. And it sounds like 23-year-old Benjamina is REALLY keen on nailing her presentation. Maybe she's the one to knock Brendan Lynch off his picture-perfect sugar-crafted throne?



This pug-loving PE teacher is a girl after our own heart. Not only is she a fan of the pyjama bake (YES CANDICE) but she also lives dangerously by breaking in heels while getting her bake on. Now that's impressive. Candice grew up in the pubs her parents ran – so is she equipped to MOP UP (sorry not sorry) on this year's GBBO?



Jane is a wellie-wearing, bread-obsessed garden designer who has baking in her blood - her gramps owned a bakery and her dad was her cake-piping hero. She's keen to avoid macarons and ciabatta because she’s more of a classic cakes, biscuits and pastries kinda lady. Fancy coming to heat HQ, Jane?



This qualified nurse is swapping bed pans for BREAD pans. Kate is a farmer's daughter from Norfolk and often pops over to her parents' to nab their fruit and produce. Cheeky. She's also sugar craft cray and stays up ALL NIGHT, just to pipe the perfect petunias (we assume).



He's had a life as colourful as his bakes, starting out as a builder before going on to study theology and becoming a pastor. Lee's grandson sends pics of his amazing cakes to his girlfriend (SWEET) and he's a big fan of traditional flavours. We might not be seeing anything wildly exotic, but we’re pretty happy with anything chocolate or cherry, TBH.



When you've already trekked around the Andes, going on the Great British Bake Off will, quite literally, be a piece of cake. Louise, a hairdresser from Wales, loves a good mountain walk after knocking up an elaborately designed creation. We're hoping she'll combine the two because a mountain of cake sounds pretty good to us.



We've got another brain box in the mix with this one – a politics and economics student who'll be bringing in the exotic that Lee is leaving at the door. Michael's family are originally from Cyprus, meaning he whips up some mean Greek pastries and is well up for mixing up different flavours. He's already got a thumbs up from us.



We're REALLY excited to see what family man Rav comes up with. He's a lover of vegan baking who is inspired by far eastern cuisine and unusual ingredients. What will Paul Hollywood say? Sounds like he's living on the edge of the baking tray to us. We’re into it.



If you've ever wanted to see what a real-life superhuman looks like, it's Selasi. As well as working in the finance sector, he makes delicate cupcakes for charity bake sales, plays basketball, travels, rides a motorbike, runs half marathons and supports two new charities each year. Blimey. We reckon he's got Hermione Granger's time turner because there's no way one human has that much time in a day.



We're betting that Tom is gonna be the cutie of the group. He works in education, but ALWAYS finds kitchen time because he's all about the work-life balance. PREACH. He shed a whopping 30 kilos, and now his life motto is "have your cake and eat it". Plus he makes his own cheese and salami. Marry us, Tom.



Former head teacher Val has clocked up an impressive 60 years at the bake station, making her one to watch. If not for her baking classic cakes with her eyes shut, but for the aerobics she does while waiting for bread to prove. Standard.

So whaddya think? There are a LOT of regimented economics students in the mixing bowl this year – but will their scientific brains be enough to take the title?

The Breat British Bake Off begins on Wednesday 24 August on BBC One

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