Gunther off Friends doesn’t look like Gunther off Friends anymore

But he IS launching the new FriendsFest experience in London, and you HAVE to go

Gunther young friends

by Emmeline Saunders |
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Oh Friends. You were so good. Why did you ever go away? Television hasn’t been the same since you left. But what’s this – Gunther’s back in London to launch a brand new Friends-themed experience? WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US?

Oh, you already did? Our bad.


Anyway, look: the Comedy Central FriendsFest experience opens officially tomorrow, and to get us all in the mood, Gunther actor James Michael Tyler went and did some promo pictures around the set.

He's dyed his hair blond again - usually he's got brown locks (see above), but today called for the bleach.


Based in London’s Brick Lane, Comedy Central's FriendsFest will let die-hard fans have a nosey around Monica’s apartment, riffle through Joey’s Days Of Our Lives scripts and pose against New York fountain.

And while you’re there, you’re obvs going to slurp a coffee from the replica Central Perk orange sofa. OBVS.

Click here to find out how you can win tickets to Comedy Central's FriendsFest – but do it quickly because the comp closes on Thursday.

P.S heat's Rhiannon went to the Comedy Central's FriendsFest set and got her sticky mitts on EVERYTHING. Check out this week's mag for the full look!

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