The guy who saved Claudia Winkleman’s daughter put fire out with his bare hands. Amazing.

The man who saved Claudia Winkleman's daughter got second degree burns from putting the flames on her halloween costume out.


by Stevie Martin |
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On halloween, Claudia Winkleman's daughter could have died after her wizard's costume set on fire while trick or treating - but thankfully 45 year-old Jamie Poulton managed to put the flames out with his own hands, suffering from second degree burns in the process.

The restaurant owner had joined Claudia and her eight year old daughter, Matilda, to go trick or treating around West London before Matilda's costume caught fire on a pumpkin candle.

'Suddenly, Claudia's daughter went up in a crackling ball of flame. All the children were wearing the same kit. It was like a potential horror film in front of me, because they were all going to go. Once she goes, then the next one catches and they are all going to go off,' he told the Mail Online.

Thankfully he saved the eight year old, and the rest of the kids, from horrific consequences as he realised that the material had started to melt on her body and wouldn't stop burning. 'The material just keeps reigniting and re-burning. And it is sticky, so it melts on the skin. It doesn't cinder, it remains hot. It was horrific to be honest. I was trying to roll her and pat her clothes. I was trying to rip her costume off her, which didn't really help because it just ripped and dropped back.'

Despite his efforts, the eight year old remains in hospital and it's been reported that she's had several operations. 'My little girl is petrified of candles now,' says Jamie. 'She went to a birthday party the next day and didn't want to go near a candle.'

While her daughter is recovering, Zoe Ball will continue to replace Claudia as a presenter on Strictly Come Dancing and has not said when she'll be returning to the show. We hope Matilda makes a full recovery - sending all our good vibes!

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