Is this guy the worst Harry Styles lookalike ever?

Basically, yes

Jori Schiraldi

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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It must be a blessing and a curse being a One Direction lookalike. You get mobbed by screaming girls, which is probably great.

But then also, you get mobbed by flipping screaming girls. Even when you’re at the chemist trying to get some athlete’s foot cream, or whatever activity teenage boys find embarrassing.

Jori Schiraldi is some kid at Kent State University and he reckons he looks like Harry Styles. But personally we don’t agree.


Jori’s sister Gabby told Mashable that he was mobbed outside a Broadway show.

"They were closing in around [Jori],” she said. Directioners, you sound like zombies. No offence.

"As my brother's luscious locks get longer every passing day, the texts and teases from friends have been increasing at an exponential rate," she continued.

And Jori has spoke to MTV about it.

Nice fish, Harry
Nice fish, Harry

“I haven’t really had an opportunity to take advantage of it yet, but if I have a chance to I will definitely take advantage of it.

“I probably owe this guy [Harry] a couple of fruit baskets or an edible flower arrangement for the [attention] he’s given me in my life.”

Jori, don’t be calling Harry Styles “this guy” as if you don’t know who he is. And an edible flower arrangement? That’s just weird.

We’re still not convinced on this one. Sorry, Jori.

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