Gwyneth Paltrow’s back to school tips: Old Navy, Yoga and Swiss chard Spanakopita pie!

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With two children, a conscious uncoupling to manage and a business to run – Gwyneth Paltrow is one busy woman. So, she knows how hectic it can be when it comes to end of the school holidays and she has to pack her two back off to school. See, she’s kind of like us…

Anywho, Gwyneth wants to help us all out and has shared her most helpful back to school tips. Or, as she called it on Goop, it’s her “tight edit of the brand for back-to-school shopping”.


Gwyneth says her son Moses inspired her decision to write about ‘back to school’ in this week’s newsletter saying: “He loves Old Navy. He wanders into the office and asks with regularity if we are selling Old Navy in the goop shop yet. So we decided to do something different this week and challenge ourselves to do a tight edit of the brand for back-to-school shopping.”

And what’s in the edit you ask? Loads of crazy food you would probably never put in your child’s lunchbox.

One idea is Swiss chard Spanakopita pie (that’s Greek Spinach pie), along with Stromboli with broccoli, chorizo, and sun-dried tomatoes. And if that doesn’t tickle your child’s fancy, you could try guacamole with banana or bean bruschetta.

Sticking with cheese sandwiches, an apple and a bag of Walkers? Yeah, us too.

Oh, and it’s also a pretty good idea to get them into yoga.

Apparently yoga helps children develop behavioural skills which allow them to cope better with life. We actually think we could try that one. We’re sure we’ve still got an old Geri Yoga tape in the loft...

Gwyneth. We love your advice and tips. Please keep it coming.

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