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Hannah Witton

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Here at heatworld we bloody love a YouTuber. Not only because they tend to have their shit together more than the lot of us here in the office combined (HOW?), but because we only have to mention your Zoellas and your Lucy and Lydias to be deemed cool by our neice. Finally.

So, with this in mind, we thought we'd bring you another of our faves you may not be aware of. 'WHO IS THIS MYSTERIOUS BLOGGER-VLOGGER?' we hear you cry. Why it's only absolute ex and relationships oracle Hannah Witton.

Oh, and author of hotly-anticipated bonking bible Doing It! Let's Talk About Sex. Told you they've all got their shit together.

Hannah Witton
©Facebook/Hannah Witton

So let's answer anything you might have to ask about Hannah, shall we?

Who is Hannah Witton?

Hannah's a YouTuber, author and general broadcaster-type from Manchester. HIYA, Hannah hun.

What's Hannah Witton's age?

  1. Her birthday's February 19th 1992, in case you're wondering.

Is Hannah Witton bisexual?

This seems to be a question loads of people ask. Who the eff cares? She is who she is (which may or many not be a PLETHORA of sexualities, if any at all), alright?

What's Hannah Witton's YouTube channel?

youtube.com/hannahwitton{ =nofollow}. Simple as that, really.

Hannah Witton
©Facebook/Hannah Witton

What's Hannah Witton's Twitter?

She's over @hannahwitton, honey. Bloody hilarious she is, too.

Does Hannah Witton have Snapchat?

Yup, hannahwitton.

So, like, what does Hannah Witton actually do on YouTube?

Hannah's here to talk about sex, sexuality and loads of stuff society kinda tells us to shy away from. VAGINAS? Check. PENI OR PLURAL PENISES? Yup. Menstration? You betcha. There's no topic too taboo for Hannah, and the fact she's so open's paving theway for a new wave of feminism and...well...flirting tips.

As well as your usual 'favourites' videos and chatty topical vids, we're obsessed with her Drunk Advice series.

What's Hannah Witton's Instagram?

There's a recurring theme here. You'll find her with a little 'hannahwitton' search.

Hannah Witton
©Facebook/Hannah Witton

What's this Doing It! book all about and when's out?

Doing It! Let's Talk About Sex is Hannah's first ever published book and it's finally gonna be released in paperback on April 6th 2017. To be lazy af and copy and paste the blurb, it's about 'Doing it safely. Doing it joyfully. Doing it when you're ready. Not doing it. Basically, doing it the way you want, when you want.'

Sounds like we'll be learing a bit, not gonna lie.

Is Hannah Witton gonna tour this Doing It! book, then?

Oh, funny you should ask. Dates and deets below, mate:

So there you go. Loads of info about one of our fave YouTuber-types rn. Gonna be subscribing?


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