What happened to Beyoncé and Jay Z at Kim and Kanye’s wedding?

Bey and Jay didn't turn up to Kim and Kanye's wedding


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Either we've completely missed their arrival or Beyoncé and Jay Z just didn't turn up to Kim and Kanye's wedding!

Beyoncé posted this no make-up, pouting selfie to Instagram with no comment and it doesn't look like she's anywhere near the wedding in Italy.

There has been loads of speculation around Bey and Jay's "will they or won't they" arrival, and it seems they opted for "won't they".

It was reported that the couple would attend as Jay Z was supposedly Kanye's best man at the lavish event, but he didn't turn up either.

A family member said: "Beyoncé had to think about it at the last minute, she didn't really want to go, but I think Jay Z's the best man, so he's kind of making her go."

Apparently Beyoncé did not want to attend the wedding due to the massive media attention and the fact that she did not want to be filmed for Kim's Reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

So is this pouting selfie a kiss to Kim? We'll keep you informed!

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