Happy birthday Chris Hemsworth! Let’s look back at your prosthetic penis to celebrate!

32 years old today!

Chris Hemsworth

by Maria Vallahis |
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All hail the mightiest Avenger!

It's Chris Hemsworth's birthday TODAY. That's right, Thor turns 32 years old and you wouldn't know it from the abs on him.

Here's two of our fave things this year to recap on about hot-man Hemsworth...

  1. His 10-inch prosethic penis:

We're looking back at Chris in this year's summer smash Vacation, where Chris plays character Stone Crandall.

Stone is VERY wealthy and VERY well endowed. Basically he has the biggest penis on a human man EVER. And although it's a fake penis, we're not complaining. Enjoy. Again.


  1. When Chris ate a sandwich in his cameo role of Home & Away:

Now enjoy these hot snaps of Chris and his many abs:


Happy birthday Chris Hemsworth

rexfeatures_1749323a1 of 6


It's Chris's birthday today so we're celebrating with a couple of hot shots...

rexfeatures_2780501a2 of 6


As Thor and still phwaor in all that gear.

rexfeatures_725413h3 of 6


An old school shot, proving long hair or short hair, Chris still looks hot. Could anyone resist that smile?

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Because we can't resist a close-up of the abs and pecs!

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We love a man in a suit. Especially this man.

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Chris in character the 2015 film Vacation. Chris plays a bit of a douchebag, but still hot.

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