Harper Beckham is a Spice Girls fan and we CAN’T COPE

It’s all kinds of cuteness!!!!

Victoria Beckham Harper Beckham

by Joanna Freedman |
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Let’s face it. The Beckham family are goals, and we’re slightly obsessed with everything they do. From Brooklyn’s compass tattoo, to David’s SUPER-GORGE selfies, they barely have to do anything to get our hearts racing here in the heat offices.

But when Victoria Beckham shared an Instagram story where she revealed to her daughter Harper that she used to be a pop star, we had to stop our jaws from hitting the floor.

Yup, not only is she the daughter of a footballer AND a legendary popstar, but Harper didn’t even know it!

Posting a picture on Instagram, where Harper is playing with a set of TOTALLY adorbz Spice Girls dolls, (remember them?!) Victoria wrote: “When u find out mummy was a pop star!!”

harper beckham

Victoria then captioned another pic ‘Spice up your life!!’, which showed the little Beckham playing with the mini doll of her mum and her Spice Girl bandmates.

spice girls

We don’t know how the Becks managed to keep that bombshell a secret for six years, tbh.

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